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So what about the “white b*tch” in Zola’s story?? The infamous Jessica has allegedly stepped forward on a reddit forum to set the record straight.

While Jess corroborates a decent chunk of Zola’s story, it seems that in her version of events…Zola was the one trapping for cash while Jess sat around handling the phone and scolding her poon-pricing. If you’re in the mood for yet another long tale, buckle in for Jess’ side of the story. Via Reddit:

Let’s start by saying that the beginning of Aziah’s story is about the only part of her story that is somewhat true. I did meet Aziah while eating at Hooters. A good friend of mine and I were eating when she walked by at the time with long hair and her hooters uniform. She looked amazing so we called her over. I guess you could quote Aziah on the fact that we were “vibing on our hoeism or whatever” seeing as how she was showing me her a full nude blog that she runs under the name Zola. In a picture I noticed a red and silver sequined thong. Being a dancer myself I recognized it immediately.

We began talking about how long we’ve been strippers and what Detroit clubs we’ve worked in. I admitted to dancing in basically every club on the 8 mile strip since 18 years old explaining that I go where the money is. She informed me that she was a dancer at trumps. I was getting ready to leave and tables were getting full so we exchanged numbers and parted ways.

And this is where the stories start to differ. Hit the flip for more…




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