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10 People Who Hate Jay Z

Jay Z has been in a ton of feuds in his career. He’s buried the hatchet on a lot of them – Nas, Beanie Sigel, Lil Wayne (we think) and more – but some persist. Here are some feuds that never went away. These people still hate Jay Z. They won’t be wishing him happy birthday today.

Dame Dash – Sure, he and Jay were cordial when they met up, but Dame is still throwing shots. For why?

Funkmaster Flex – He got mad at Jay Z because one of his interns sent a message about website stuff. Funk Flex doesn’t understand how things work, probably. GRRRRR. EARLY.

Cam’Ron – They had a rap beef during Jay’s pseudo-retirement and nothing good came of it. Cam seems to still have ill will towards Hov.

DMX – He never forgave Jay for those sandals did he?

Bill O’Reilly – Billy hates any successful Black person and Jay Z is just another example. No wonder Jay send him some shots on wax.

Matthew Knowles – He already didn’t want Beyonce dating Jay…now he’s on the outside looking in. That hate must be real.

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Frank Lucas – Jay Z called him a snitch on wax, so Lucas threatened Jigga. Whoops.

Robert Deniro – He got in Jay’s face about not answering his phone and berated him in public…think they made nice since?

Liv – She’s mad Jay doesn’t love her like she loves him. Poor baby.

Jaz-O – He never forgave Jay for dropping him and being famous. Hopefully they resolve things one day



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