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Ugly Dudes Who Called Women Ugly

It’s probably not a good idea to go around calling women ugly. That never works out for us in the end. That goes for everyone, but especially for ugly guys. These men have a ton of nerve for being less-than-desirable but still calling these women busted. For shame.

Gilbert Arenas – He thinks the women in the WNBA are too ugly to watch but he…nevermind.

Donald Trump – He went in on a long feud with Rosie O’Donnell, calling her fat and ugly the whole time but he looks like chewed cheese.

Lil Wayne – He said that Wendy Williams’ hair looks chewed but it’s not like Weezy is a heartthrob of any sort either.

A$AP Rocky – He said that dark-skinned women look like clowns when they wear red lipstick…which is weird as hell to say. Still, he shouldn’t be talking and just be happy he’s chopping down models out of his league.

This guy.

Amanda Bynes – She’s not a man, obviously, but she qualifies because she has a LOT of nerve to call this list of people ugly:

The Obamas
Chrissy Teigen

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Ashy Twitter Dudes Who Call Lupita Ugly – You ever see an ashy dude call Lupita ugly? Yeah, you’re ugly by default, fam.

Charles Barkley – Chuck loves going in on the ugly women in San Antonio but he’s Charles Barkley…



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