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Kind-Hearted Server Returns Family’s Life Savings They Lost at Applebee’s

There are still good people out there in the world and a few of them are employed at Applebee’s in Fresno, California.

A women named Erica Gonzales told The Fresno Bee she and her mom took $32,000, that was her dad’s life savings, to the bank to put in a safe deposit box and the bank told her that they didn’t have space for the cash. After running errands, they ended up at Applebee’s for dinner, leaving the cash by accident in the seat. The Gonzales’ didnt realize the cash was gone until they went home!

The server found the money and turn it into the police. Applebee’s said the good Samaritan refused to be identified but “he just wanted to do the right thing” . Good for them!

We know that lady’s heart must have sink when she realized that cash was missing. She better thank her lucky stars…




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