“I’m Happy That They Stuck With Those Choice” Shanice Williams Talks Plethora Of Natural Hair In “The Wiz Live”

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If you looked at any of the promotional photos for “The Wiz Live,” you might have noticed that Glinda the Good Witch of the North, played by Uzo Aduba, rocked a curly blonde wig. But in the actual broadcast, Aduba’s hair was a braided, updo natural style that was elegant and regal, resembling a crown. That was no doubt intentional. In a recent interview with theGrio, Shanice Williams, who played Dorothy in the broadcast, explained the decision. “I know you saw the promo pictures for Glinda with the blonde hair, and we was like, ‘Good witch doesn’t have to have blonde hair, she can have her natural braided up hair, like an African-American queen.’ I’m happy that they stuck with those choices. It added to her character. She’s just funky, modern and fierce.”…

Working While Black: My Coworker Keeps Using The N Word

As told to Veronica Wells This school year, I started working as a music teacher for this charter school in Brooklyn. The job is awesome… The school even has a chef that comes in to cook for the teachers. I’m talking about delicious meals, with all food groups represented. Anyway, since the food is so good, many of the teachers eat lunch together. During our daily lunches, the theater teacher, a Latina woman, took a liking to me… As the days, weeks and months passed, this woman got more and more comfortable with me… During one of these nights, she started talking about a conversation she had with some man in the street. She was going on and on and I was tuning in and out, when I heard her say,” You know, and I’m saying to this guy, ‘Yo my n-gga you need to…” She said it so quickly, that I brushed it off, figuring I’d misheard her. But then, later that week, speaking about another student, she said the word…

Unarmed Black Georgians More Likely To Be Killed By Cops Or Shot In The Back

…The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an investigative piece regarding the shootings coupled with an interactive visual database. The AJC’s findings were alarming and highlighted a possible link between police and the improper use of force. From the AJC: Nearly half the 184 Georgians shot and killed by police since 2010 were unarmed or shot in the back, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Channel 2 Action News investigation has found. Those findings emerged from the most extensive review of police shootings ever undertaken in Georgia, and cast doubt on claims by police that deadly force was always justified. The AJC and Channel 2 reported in October that every police shooting case since 2010 had been deemed lawful in the state’s criminal justice system. “So many of these cases involve somebody being shot in the back. It’s very, very troubling,” said Philip Stinson, a nationally recognized expert on police shootings and misconduct from Bowling Green State University, who reviewed the AJC/Channel 2 findings…”

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