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Sir Mix A Lot old phone number

Gay Seattle Law Student Has Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s Old Cell Phone Number

With so many cell phones in the world these days, it’s very probable that your phone number used to belong to someone famous. Maybe even a 90’s hip-hop legend according to the NYDailyNews

A Seattle law student was confused when he was suddenly the recipient of raunchy sexts, offers for backstage passes and solicitations from luxury car dealerships after he got a new cell phone number in 2012.

The messages started coming just days after Jonathan Nichols, an El Paso native, went into a Seattle Verizon store and picked out a new number from a kiosk that would be easy for him to remember.

Nichols, 33, had recently moved to Seattle to attend law school at Seattle University and wanted a local number.

The unusual texts started with links to YouTube videos of up-and-coming hip hop artists, asking someone named “Mix” to “check it out,” Nichols told the Daily News.

Then calls started coming in from Lamborghini and Ferrari dealerships, asking if someone named “Anthony Ray” was interested in buying a new car.

But that wasn’t all…

And it was also someone who got a lot of attention from women who liked to flaunt their backside, judging from some of the racy messages Nichols received with photos from ladies across the country.

“There were some girls in really short shorts and skimpy tops, obviously turned around showing their big butt,” Nichols said.

“They would say ‘I know you love us because we got a big butt.”

Apparently Jonathan only became aware that he had the phone number of a hip-hop icon on August 12, 2012 when he got a text exclaiming “Happy birthday Sir-Mix-A-Lot!”.

Jon’s boyfriend had once suggested that he maybe take advantage of all these offers of cars, parties, etc, but he decided against it to maintain his integrity as a man of the law.

What did “Mix” have to say about all this once he found out?

“That is hilarious. Poor fella,” he said.

“Don’t check any text messages in front of your wife,” Ray offered up as advice to Nichols, alluding to the racy text messages intended for him.

Husband in this case, but yeah. Pure comedy! LMAO! Flip it over to read the texts…

Image via AP/Jonathan Nichols



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