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Connecticut Man Fakes Cancer For Fund-raised Cash

A CT man pulled a scam on his entire community when he was strapped for cash. He raised over $20,000 pretending to be going through cancer treatments…when in actuality he was spending the cash at bars and fast food restaurants. Via MailOnline:

A Connecticut man was arrested Wednesday accused of faking cancer to collect fundraising money.

Investigators said Tyler Tomer took at least $22,000 from supporters who had raised the money in the belief that he suffered from stage three brain cancer.

After the money was deposited into Tomer’s bank account, the con-artist made hundreds of purchases at fast food restaurants and bars and for recreational activities, police said, according to WSFB 3 Connecticut.

Tomer, 29, told police ‘he needed money, and things got out of control,’ WSFB reported.

Several benefits had been set up for Tomer, including a GoFundMe page and a fundraiser arranged by a Kansas City restaurant where his former fiancée worked.

Police said Tomer shaved his head and took weight loss pills while the scam was ongoing, according to WSFB.

Tomer was charged with first-degree larceny and first-degree defrauding a public community and is being held on $250,000 bond.

SMH. The way people beg via GoFundMe these days, he might as well have just put up one saying “I’m broke and need cash” rather than trick all his friends and family like this.



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