Investigation Into the Prescribing Practices of Michael Jackson’s Doctor

- By Bossip Staff

The State Attorney General is probing into the the distribution of drugs to Michael Jackson… all the evidence is leading to these doctors:

California State Attorney General Jerry Brown has launched an investigation into the prescribing practices of Michael Jackson’s doctors.
Brown says his office will help the LAPD track the controlled substances that made their way to Jackson. The State’s Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement will be combing files. It’s the same method Brown used to track prescriptions in the Anna Nicole Smith case.

As we first reported, Jackson used various aliases to score drugs, including Omar Arnold and Jack London. We’ve learned at least one high-end pharmacy in the area where Jackson lived did its own search and has turned up the name Omar Arnold in its database.

In other MJ news, they found a serious sedative at the house where he passed away:

The powerful sedative Propofol — also known as Diprivan — was among several narcotics found in Michael Jackson’s rented suburban Los Angeles mansion, according to a law enforcement source. Some of the prescriptions also were dispensed under various patient names and doctors, leading investigators to believe aliases were used to obtain the drugs. Authorities are investigating allegations that the 50-year-old Jackson had been consuming painkillers, sedatives and antidepressants. The federal Drug Enforcement Administration and California Attorney General Jerry Brown both are helping Los Angeles police investigate the possible involvement of prescription drugs in Jackson’s death.

So, now that this is all out the people responsible for his death and addiction should be handled properly. This should also be a warning to you young “Hollyweirdians” that the people that surround you don’t have your best interest first… they have their own.





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