Top Chef Winner Accused Of Putting Hands On Girlfriend

Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: Top Chef Winner Paul Qui Arrested For Attack On Girlfriend While Gone Off Kush, Yayo, Booze And Xannies

- By Bossip Staff

Paul Qui mugshot

H2>Top Chef Winner Paul Qui Arrested

Looks like 2012 “Top Chef” winner Paul Qui ain’t such a winner after all. He was arrested in Austin, TX over the weekend after an alleged assault on his girlfriend.

According to an arrest affidavit, Qui’s girlfriend says he prevented her from leaving an apartment with her child by pushing her and throwing her against walls, doors and furniture. Qui told police he “only was grabbing and holding her.”

The reports from TMZ are even more graphic, with the girlfriend Stephanie Rodriguez telling cops he beat her up while high on a cocktail combo of coke, Xanax, weed and alcohol.

Rodriguez claims the Season 9 winner woke her up early Saturday morning after coming home with a group of his friends. She joined the group but, Rodriguez says when one of Qui’s pals propositioned her for group sex Qui flew into a rage.

Rodriguez says Qui kicked his friends out of the house then began throwing her up against the walls and doors and preventing her from leaving. Rodriguez then dialed police and when cops arrived they found blood on the walls and floor, and all over Qui himself, according to the police report. Cops say Qui admitted he got physical with Rodriguez, but claimed he was only restraining her until cops arrived.

Qui was charged with assault causing bodily injury to a family member and unlawful restraint before being released on $20k bond.

YIKES!!! What was he thinking doing all those substances? Somebody been listening to too much Future!



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