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Jesus Take The Wheel: 9 Celebs Who Got Shamed By The Church

Haters come in all ages, races and even religions! Following the recent religious controversies, we’ve compiled a list of 9 celebs who’ve been shamed by the church. Flip on over for more!


Adrienne Bailon Israel Houghton

Israel Houghton

Church going, Israel Houghton is currently being dragged by the Christian community for admittedly being unfaithful to his recently divorced wife, Meleasa. Just a few short months following his divorce he began dating actress and talk show host, Adrienne Bailon which also did not go over well with the church. While few came to his defense, many people are not here for it! According to the rumor mill, Lakewood church in Texas might be giving his cheating butt the boot.

Mase Then and Now



Well, what kind of list would this be without Mase? He’s been in and out of the Christian community for years. The rapper turned pastor turned rapper again, attempted to turn back to his church after a failed comeback but folks weren’t quite feeling it. It didn’t help that he’d also divorced his wife. Yikes.

No backsies bih!


Ciara Russell

Ciara & Russell Wilson

No matter who you are, you’ll always have both fans and haters. These two are no different.  After going public with their holy plan to hold out until marriage, some people praised them for setting and example.  Others however, didn’t feel that the plan was genuine. Instead, the pair got dragged for being fraudulent.

When you’re popping that thang in every performance, people find it a little hard to believe you’re not doing it behind closed doors. Jusssst saying.


kirk franklin

Kirk Franklin

When the internet got ahold of Kirk Franklin milly rocking for the lord on tour, all hell broke loose (no pun intended). More modern Christians saw the fun in it, but others… ehh not so much. After a world wind of criticism, he issued an apology and statement.  He’s also been shamed for his friendship with Kanye West.

Poor thang.

spl EJ Johnson outrageous outfits for nights Out in NYC at 1Oak and

EJ Johnson, and his dad Magic Johnson

When Magic Johnson’s flamboyantly gay son came voguing out the closet, the Christian community wasn’t too happy considering Magic’s open involvment in the church. Magic  went on Oprah’s Next Chapter, admitting that he already knew before EJ explained. He also let the world know he supports both his son and his Christian faith. Despite the shaming, the family handles the haters with style and grace.

Meagan Good and her hubby, DeVon Franklin

Meagan Good and her preacher husband have been very open about their faith and work in the community. If you thought that’d save them from ridicule, think again. Her holy hubby Devon Franklin, had to clap back at supposed church goers who’ve been shaming Meagan for the way she dresses. Her boo of 5 years was not having it when a fan suggested she cover up. He even went on to discuss the criticism on camera.

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Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner

Among the obvious controversery of changing genders, Caitlyn Jenner has openly admitted herself as a Christian. Of course some Bible thumpers had a field day with this one, throwing shaming her all over religious blogs and websites.




Erica Campbell

Contemporary gospel musician Erica Campbell doesn’t see anything wrong with clapping it zown for God. In her eyes, it’s just a more modern way of reaching the youth and keeping things fun. Unfortunately for her, the words trap and gospel just don’t mesh. After endless shaming on social media, she finally told her haters to take a seat.

Jeremy Scott and Katy Perry Hand Print Ceremony

Katy Perry

Katy Perry was bound to get heat for her sexy and often… theatrical performances. Some Christians were not feeling her music and even accused her of devil worship due to her tunes. It’s a hell of an accusation, but what can you expect as a pop star born of two Christian Protestant pastors. The hate is real!

Katy went on to renounce her faith just last year.


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