The Game Drops New Jawn Going at Camel and Hints That Chris Brown Chopped Down Amber Rose

- By Bossip Staff

The Game has a new track going hard at Jay-Z  . He also hints Chris Brown chopped up Amber Rose. The Game goes into a long speech at the end of the flow talking about his real feelings.

Pop it for more pictures of Stacey Dash cuddled up with Game and take a listen to “Im So Wavy” (Jay-Z and Amber Rose diss)

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  • Cynthia

    1st! Game looks GOOD HERE

  • http://bossip I`ll Talk about what I want to talk about Nucca !


  • JUDY

    So what if Chris Brown was with Amber Rose is that really a big deal. Amber is the new girl on the scene and you know a lot of dudes are going to be pursuing her.

  • Ara

    Her pooch looks like my pooch

  • Carlotta

    Stacey Dash still looks amazing after all these years and as for the Game, he should really seek professional help for his obsession with Beyonce and Jay-z. He is a disrespectful buffoon.


    man this song was horrible, man little richard wouldnt respond to this trash

  • Liyah

    The Game just made he couldn’t get at Amber Rose. Guess Stacey Dash didn’t want him neither, so basically he ain’t getting no p*ssy. Way to unleash your anger about your blue balls, Game. lololololol

  • fat boy

    game starts all these fake beefs because his career is over…he has to use jay and b to get some buzz cuz he cant do it on his on.

  • KaiiStar a.k.a mrsL.Boose is Booni Giovonni's biggest Fan!

    i like tha game but is it some kind of hidden rule in tha rap/entertainment game that when u’ve been m.i.a u have to come back on sum bull? jst do ya music put it out and damn hope it sales geez.



  • ruserious

    well jay shouldna came at game. hell i say he responded appropriately! lmao

  • DICooper


  • dfiestyone

    Damn Game… after all this time, this is the best that you can do?? I mean for real… is this all you could have come up with??? GET ON DOWN you clown!!! You are straight WACK no wonder you are retired now!!! Give it up please! If I was Jay, I wouldn’t even dignify this trash with a reply!!!

  • madamej

    The Game es tres Lame!!!!

  • kenjoslinart


  • Mock Rock Star

    Music just keep getting worse and worse. Two more unattractive rappers with a bogus beef. Go and spread some love opposed to all this hate.

  • Kali

    Stacey Dash is so amazingly Beautiful…I would give all I own to look like her:-)

  • Adaena

    Get em Game!!!!

    Im sooo wavy!!!!

  • Hottistchickinthegame

    ^^^^no one else WANTS her

  • Jay the Real One

    The Game is over. The Game is a neverwas, Hov is a god. Hov is a rockstar. And nobody wants Stacy Dash.

  • tiffany

    It is sad you all would call Jay-z Hov or God. You show never worship man. God is a jealous God!You know the world is coming to an end when people start worshiping a rap and money. It is very sad that Jay-Z (your God) isn’t provide you the ability to get up in the morning or keep money in your paper instead he is taking yours and you all minds.

  • tiffany

    I mean should

  • PO10TiAL

    I rock with Jay-Z.. I rock with The Game, I’m from the west coast.. That DOA shyt was hot.. much needed.. auto-tune is killing rap. The Game has been selling since he came out.. so saying he was a “never was” was foolish. They both need this beef to sell their next albums..

    PO10 out.

  • Lies and Bullshit-aka-The Truth

    “Hov is a god.”

    wtf is going on in the world, today?

  • Morgan Freeman

    I think that young feller, Soldja Boy is the future of rap, myself. That boy got talent!

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