All Of These Women Could Be Beyonce's 'Becky With The Good Hair'

Beckies With The Good Hair: All Of The Women Jay Z Was Rumored To Have Cheated On Beyonce With

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All Of Jay Z’s Potential Side Chicks

Beyonce set the world on fire by making just about her whole album about Jay Z potentially cheating on her. That’s led us all to speculate who the “Becky with the good hair” could be. We worked through the archives and looked at the women Jay Z was accused of cheating on Beyonce with. Take a look at the potential mistresses.

Be kind, Beyhive.


Tori Kelly – Rumors swirled last September that Jay was seen making out with her at a charity event in front of everyone.

Rachel Roy Lemonade

Rachel Roy – She seemed to confirm that Beyonce was calling her “Becky with the good hair”…but her Instagram is getting blasted for it and she’s walking it back. But there have been substantial rumors of Jay cheating on Bey with Rachel.


Rita Ora – The rumors of her being Jay’s side chick have been around for a while. She seemed to halfway confirm them with a Lemon bikini on Instagram.

jay z liv

Liv – She’s claimed that Jay tried to hit on her in 2008…but people have sort of called BS on her.

Gwyneth Paltrow – She’s a Becky. She has good hair. *shrugs*


Rihanna – This is one of the OG Bey and Jay rumors, but it’s old news. We doubt Bey is still singing about this.

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Casey Cohen – She’s a bottle service girl at 1OAK and there were rumors of her getting to Jay. She’s a Becky. She had good hair. She’s been in the rumors. Bingo.

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