Keston Karter: I’m NOT Gay!!

- By Bossip Staff

Here is the official statement from Keston Karter (Terrell Carter alleged man candy):

“I am not homophobic, or have any issues with same gender loving people; I am not one of them. I am not gay, nor am I bisexual. I don’t know the singer Jeremih, nor have I ever even met him. And no disrespect to Terrell Carter, but I don’t know him either. We were both booked to make an appearance at that event and aside from the photo ops, we hardly interacted. So not only are the rumors false, they are out of left field.”

Another pic from the event where they were both booked:

Some more pics of little Keston again for the ladies:

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  • House

    *whew* – so i guess since he said it, it must be true.

  • Jade Silver (the truth shall set you free)

    How ya doing?

  • aleximaq

    Whatever you say dude….

  • rksity

    I must say that Terrell is finer the Keston…

  • KJ

    He’s gay..would not even give me an add on myspace and i am gorgeous…GAY, GAY, GAY

  • GetMoneyDiva21


  • MissMonday

    THANK GOD!!!! He is too fine. Kami don’t jinx him…LOL

  • Sally

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  • This I Know

    Sorry, I’m having a hard time believing this. Dude is too much of a pretty boy NOT to be gay. Simply because the only people who use the term “same gender loving” are those in the black gay community when referring to themselves. Straight people don’t use that term. All my gay friends talk to each other this way affectinately.

  • Pure Phi-Ya

    Who is he and why is his sexual orientation relevant???? But LOL @ the phrase “same gender loving people.”

  • bcan

    well if he ain’t gay, he needs to stop looking gay in this picture….but really, who he sleeps with is not business – i just hate the pool of straight men for me are evaporating daily. good morning everyone.

  • tj

    Why do we care? Who are these people? He will now only be known for denying the fact that he’s gay. He should be happy for that lil bit of publicity; more than he had before. GTFOH with these no names.

  • mrsmayes

    see!! he is not gay!!

    I guess that means i can start dreaming of his hot, steamy body again…

  • Symone

    Who is he again?!?!


    well,I’ll just say whether he’s gay or not,his body is beautiful!!

  • get get get it

    ok so wait, ummm is the singer Jeremih gay? or did we all just miss that one?? lol someone please clarify. Thanks

  • Doc

    homeboy rather his carrer than peosnal career. i would also say i wasnt gay.

  • black gold

    u 100% faggy!!

  • Liyah

    So relieved!!!! cuz there’s no way that a dude that fine and toned could be gay!!!! just doesn’t make sense is all.

  • Phoenix7

    he gay as a bag of skittles, a container of tang, a big box of fruity peebles and a package of zest bar soap……..GTFOHWTBS……….
    Some of these dudes are never going to come clean not even with themselves, not just him but the countless others in the black community. Ladies please be careful.

  • UGH

    I was really hoping this wasn’t true Keston….

  • chris

    another on the “DL”, they didnt hide it very well

  • mamamia00

    I’ve never noticed this dude before but it would be a damn shame. Even though I like them more chocolate, he is pretty fine.

  • Chaerim

    i dont believe him

    he gay.

    black men scare me nowadays…if u gay just be gay stop hiding that sh*t!

  • girly

    I know him, he’s not GAY!..

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