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Mommy Blog Posts List Of 85 Popular Ghetto Baby Names For Girls And Boys

A popular mommy blog decided it would be okay to post a list of 85 names they considered “ghetto baby names” because they just couldn’t help being a trash azz site. Check out this racist and disgusting explanation by Mom Junction:

When the Americans brought Africans to their country to become slaves, they did not just strip them off their clothes, but also their names, taking their dreams, hopes and identities. They deemed their names too exotic and too difficult to pronounce. The American gave their slaves Biblical names like Eve, Ruth, James, Joseph, Mary, Luke, etc. Some were also given short and persuasive names like Bill and Tom.

But after the Civil War, the slaves were determined to reinvent their identity. They started this by making their names unique. Names like Luce were turned into Lucinda. And typical western names like Mary and John began to fall out of favor with the whites and the blacks started adopting them. So the Africans, who were no longer connected to their African roots, began asserting their identity by creating new names for their children. These names came to be called ghetto names.

The site claims that the “ghetto names” were created because parents didn’t know the traditional spelling of names…

A ghetto name is a standard name with a tweaked spelling. It can be Stefany for Stephanie or Antwon for Antoine. Ghetto names are usually given by parents who do not know the traditional spelling of a particular name or choose to disregard it.

This is top 5 names for little girls:


And boys:



Mom Junction


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