KeKe Palmer's Neck Tattoo

Hate It Or Love It?! KeKe Palmer Shows Off Her ‘Queen Of Kush’ Neck Tattoo

- By Bossip Staff

Bizarre hoodrat phase back???

KeKe Palmer’s Neck Tattoo

KeKe Palmer recently got some new ink and proudly showed off it online.

The actress/songstress recently inked”Queen of Kush” and pyramids behind her scalp and showed off the art on SnapChat.

Keke Palmer

The tattoo is not representing Kush in the Mary Jane sense however, it’s a tribute to the ancient kingdom of Nubia a.k.a. Kush located alongside the Nile River Valley.


The body modification sporting singer also previously had her eye brow, nose, lip and gums pierced.


What do YOU think about KeKe’s new ink???

Fabrizio Demartis/Wiki Commons/Instagram


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