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Rah Ali Talks Fight With Sky From Black Ink

Those of you who caught Monday caught an eyeful of the Black Ink brawl between Love & Hip Hop’s Rah Ali and Black Ink Crew’s Sky.

Rah Ali recently sat down with BOSSIP to give us her side of the story with Sky and the events that led up to that fight. Rah let us know that after a social media spat over Sky’s friend’s eyelash line, she went to speak to Sky directly at her home in her Harlem. However, Sky refused to answer the door. So, naturally she was shocked that she ran up into the shop in fighting clothes when producers and staff had assured her that only a discussion was supposed to take place. Since fighting is banned on Love and Hip Hop New York, she didn’t come prepared for a physical altercation, thinking that production had no plans to allow such a thing to occur.

Rah says her wig wasn’t pinned down at all — a light wind could have knocked it off, much less someone swinging at her. She feels as though it happened very quickly and no real blows landed, so Sky’s celebration of victory and “azz-whooping” was completely unfounded.

However, she asserts that she isn’t a fighter and would like to move past the incident and fostering any beefs with people like Sky and Yandy in the future.

However, that hasn’t seemed to stop Sky from posting about their scrap nonstop on her social media. Sky posted multiple posts about the fight after Monday’s episode, including a TBT clip of when Rah made her visit to Sky’s home, and Sky :

And Rah responded in the comment section of one of her recent posts — taking a swing at Sky and her adoption drama — to which Sky responded:

Yikes. Something tells us this isn’t exactly the final chapter between these two…despite each’s assertion that they’re moving on from the scrap…



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