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Premadonna Talks Waist Shapers & Joseline Hernandez

Premadonna known for her Waist Gang Society waist shapers, recently stopped by Bossip’s Don’t Be Scared podcast to dish on reality TV and entrepreneurship.

The former “Love & Hip Hop ATL” star explained her booming business that boasts a celebrity clientele including the Kardashians and Blac Chyna

and also threw some shade to Joseline “Cokealine” Hernandez who called her waist training “fake.”

On Joseline and the “Cokealine” brand:

“That’s actually my brand. It’s a serious and funny subject at the same time. I don’t know Joseline’s drug condition right now but I do know drug addicts and I do know their behavior and I do know your past. You said it yourself. I made Cokealine for women to know that you don’t have to drink, you don’t have to smoke, and you for damn sure don’t have to look up to this Coke head to be somebody in life. Did you see the bottle? It’s like, ‘don’t be thirsty for nothing.’ The Cokealine brand is just to show how a woman can be so thirsty.”



On why she and Joseline have beef:

“Her issue with me is that she has issues with herself. Joseline wanted a waist trainer, that’s mind boggling that she would say all that about something she wanted. Sometimes alcohol, it impairs your judgement.”

On how she started making waist shapers:

“When I first started [waist training] my waist was 22 inches, it went from a 30 to a 22. I started with minimal diet, exercising and wearing my waist trainer but I was a very active person. People were asking me ‘what do you have on?!’ So I said ‘I’m not going to tell these people for free.’ So I went home and strategized, it took forever. I started packaging these shapers and started selling them.”

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On what makes her Waist Gang Society shapers different:

“I was taught a long time ago that copying is inevitable, I just focus on my product. I think that’s why Waist Gang Society is here today because of the quality. I still use the waist shaper I used four years ago. It lasts. A young lady that’s 125 can put it on and a young lady that’s 325 can put it on.”

On celebrities wearing her waist shapers:

“It’s the internet. I get on Instagram and I’m like ‘what’s a waist, what’s a waist.’ Chyna was my friend, she just had a baby and she put the waist trainer on and she started ranting and raving about the product. Then it was Ms. Khloe [Kardashian].[…] She said she’d seen my body on Instagram, that’s when Khloe was in the process of losing weight. She got fine right after that.”

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On her forthcoming book:

“The name of my new book is called the Fat Project. Believe it or not I gained 15 pounds on purpose to see how the world would react, how I look doesn’t discredit my product. I’m doing this to show society that it’s okay to be who you are.”

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Listen to Premadonna on Don’t Be Scared below.








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