They’re Watching: Rapper Joey Bada$$ Says The Government Has Been Monitoring Him Since Malia Obama Wore His T-Shirt

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Malia Obama Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$ Deals With Unexpected Gov’t Surveillance After Malia Obama Wears His T-Shirt

Joey Bada$$ might not have known who Malia Obama was, but the people who protector certain know who he is according to the NYPost

Last year, Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$, a member of the New York hip-hop collective Pro Era, experienced an overnight surge of government-level interest when a picture of Malia Obama wearing a Pro Era T-shirt began circulating online. A mutual friend of Barack Obama’s older daughter and the collective had apparently leaked the picture, and Joey (real name Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott) realized that he had become a person of interest to the president’s men. On the plus side, he got some gardening done for free.

“There was a tree outside my door that shaded my whole house,” he tells The Post. “It had been there for years. But when that s–t with Malia went down, the tree was gone,” he says with a laugh. “The timing was too suspicious. I guess they [had] to get clearer pictures!” He also claims that his phones have been tapped ever since, but remarkably, he doesn’t seem overly concerned about Big Brother watching. “It’s all good. I’m only doing positive things!”

His latest project doesn’t require a telephoto lens to monitor. He has a recurring role in Season 2 of USA Network’s “Mr. Robot” (which began on Wednesday), playing the “Seinfeld”-obsessed Leon, a friend of lead character and vigilante hacker Elliot (Rami Malek). “This show had made me more paranoid than I already was,” he says, laughing again.

Barry probably sent them to Joey’s crib!

“Who is this boy that Malia is so into? Go check him out.”

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