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Woman Says Derrick Rose And Two Friends Raped Her When She Was Passed Out

The woman accusing Derrick Rose and his two friends of gang rape has described the alleged incident in horrid detail in newly filed court documents.

The alleged victim said she woke up vomiting in her bed and then noticed one of the NBA star’s friends was inside of her – despite the three men claiming the sex was entirely consensual.

The unnamed woman filed a $21 million federal civil suit against Rose and his friends Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton because she said they drugged her then took turns raping her in her apartment in 2013.

The NBA star fired back at the lawsuit saying it was nothing more than a shameless money grab. Rose denied all allegations that he raped his ex-girlfriend and said she gave him and his buddies consent to have sex.

derrick rose rape vic describes alleged incident 3

Rose claimed that the woman was only upset with him due to her not being reimbursed for sex toys used during the night in question. He said that once he started ignoring her texts that she became even angrier with him. Rose demanded the entire suit be thrown out and the woman not be awarded a dime.

The suit is in the discovery phase with both parties taking depositions and exchanging documents preparing for the upcoming trial later this year.

According to docs filed on August 4th, Jane Doe describes in detail the alleged rape she endured during a deposition under oath. When asked about the sexual interaction with Rose at her apartment she recalls, “He was standing right on the edge of my bed and he was dragging me to the edge of the bed. And I remember him pulling his pants down. As I was trying to get off the bed, I remember him like penetrating me. And I just kept on trying to roll off the bed. I was – didn’t want to like – anything to happen, so I was trying to roll off the bed.”



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