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Man Scales Trump Tower In NYC With Suction Cups

An intense Trump supporter was so hellbent on speaking directly to his favorite in the Presidential race on Wednesday that he decided to hand-deliver a message to him at his NYC office inside Trump Tower. But instead of going through the proper channels to set an appointment…he did things guerrilla-style and decided to get in on his own terms.

But that didn’t entail scamming his way into the building and sneaking in. No…apparently this young man watched one too many cartoons and thought that scaling a skyscraper with suction cups was a smart and safe idea. Via TMZ:

A man is scaling Trump Tower in Manhattan as a mesmerized crowd watches below.

The guy is using suction cups to scale the south side of the tower … cops and firefighters are trying to coax him down.

As for why he’s doing what he’s doing … so far, it’s a mystery. There are reports he’s carrying papers with Trump’s name on it.

The guy scaling Trump Tower in NYC with the help of suction cups posted a video Tuesday declaring his allegiance to the Republican Presidential candidate and giving him the heads-up he’d literally be climbing the walls to deliver “an important message.”

The man calls himself an “independent researcher” and makes it clear … it is in Trump’s interest to receive him when he reaches the top of the building. The guy says he’s aware of the life-threatening peril but the message is just that important.

Well let’s just take a peek at this video…

Oh yeah, he seems totally stable. Donald, WHY don’t you want to meet your loyal supporters?!?!

But seriously, thankfully old boy was snatched inside the building by cops without managing to hurt himself or anyone else. Of course he fought the cops in the process and lived to tell the tale…but that’s an entirely separate discussion.

All that aside…we’re still wondering why he didn’t just try going inside and taking the elevator instead? Or maybe the stairs in a worst-case scenario…



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