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Moonlight the movie recently released a trailer for the upcoming film which stars Andre Holland, Naomie Harris, Mahershala Ali and includes the stunning Janelle Monáe. The 1:55 long trailer depicts a gripping snippet into a young gay Black man who faces adversity and struggles with family, within his relationships and with finding himself.

With the recent tragedy of the mass shooting at Pulse, the bathroom bill in North Carolina targeting LGBTQ rights and ingrained homophobia within the African American community many might assume society was against them.

However, positive images of proud gay men and women of all races have been popularly integrated into television and movies more now than ever. This has sparked a controversial and very homophobic debate about “the gay agenda” being pushed onto the Black community in attempts “to control the reproduction of Black people and destroy the Black family”.

How many times have you heard this conspiracy?

The coming of age story has typically been claimed by hetero-normal images, leaving an absence of the positive reinforcement that comes from being able to relate to a character or story. With audiences beginning to embrace films like Pariah, Blackbird and Moonlight it appears that times are finally changing.

With a trailer so captivating, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at the overwhelming positive praise from both African American men and women and the LGBTQ community.

Excited for such an extensive, chilling journey through the gay Black male’s perspective? Moonlight, directed by Berry Jenkins, will be premiering in theaters on October  21st .



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