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“My birthday is April 15…”—Karlie Redd

Karlie Redd On BOSSIP’s “Don’t Be Scared” Podcast

Remember when we told you that Karlie Redd aired out her ex Lyfe Jennings on our “Don’t Be Scared” podcast….

“When you’re fake from the get-go you can’t even afford to buy —it wasn’t even a bubble gum ring. He’s a fake person so I expected a fake ring.”

and then proceeded to announce that she and Tommie Lee were FAR from friends.

“Let’s keep it 100, I am NOT friends with Tommie,” said Karlie. “I met Tommie at a club, we are not friends. I don’t have the b*** number, we never went to the grocery store together, we were never bosom buddies, she don’t have my number.”

Karlie Redd

Well while chatting with Dani, Alex and Jah she also responded to the question about her real age.

According to Karlie hackers constantly change her age online, and Google even sent her money for the enormous amount of searches in connection to her birthday.

“What the f*** is up with them hacking my motherf**** age on Google?” said Karlie. “Today I’m 48, tomorrow I’m 50. My birthday is April 15, the other day it was [listed as] April 2. Google contacted me and said, ‘Look here we got a check for you sweetheart.’ All them searches for your age is like top s*** on Google all the time especially when the season comes around.”


So just how old is Karlie Redd??? The closest we got to a real answer was this;

“No I’m not 50,” said Karlie. “I am absolutely not 50, nowhere near 50, not even close.”

WELP! Your guess is as good as ours, how old do YOU think Karlie Redd is???

Karlie Redd

In addition to her age, Karlie dished on her Playboy podcast and detailed some dating horror stories.

Karlie Redd

Listen to her on Don’t Be Scared below.







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