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Quann Twins

The Quann Twins Will Bring Beauty, Style, And Sophistication To Your Timeline

The Quann sisters, Tk Wonder and Cipriana, are glorious human beings. They are both models, writers, style gawdesses, 100% natural, and exemplify epic levels of black beauty.

Don’t get it twisted though, if you run up on Tk wrong you might just get BARS!

Flip the page to see more of these bangin’ sistas and follow them here–> @Tk_wonder and here–> @CiprianQuann

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"You are what you eat" goes the saying when it comes to eating healthy. If I really had my way I'd probably look like a mix between a burger-cupcake/bday cake-cheese-oatmeal lace ice cream thingy. 🍔🎂🧀🍦I'm not the type of person that Ioveeees going to the gym nine times out of ten. I'm definitely the type of person who loves eating ten times out of ten. I don't wake up and say, "Oh I can't wait to run four miles on the treadmill today!" I do wake up and say, "Hmmm what am I going to have for breakfast today?!" I had to find a happy medium when it came to fitness/eating healthy 🌽🍇🍎until that way of life just became feeling happy and it was through the revelation that eating healthy can be fun and enjoyable. I use to think that eating healthy meant sacrificing palate for no flavor then realized that thought process held absolutely no validity. It wasn't an easy struggle and that doesn't mean I quarantine the less healthier food 🍕🍟🌮 I adore. However your body and mind will thank you when you truly embody "everything in moderation." If you're just beginning your fitness journey (or even a pro) I always find the best type of workouts are those that don't feel like one. (Dancing is definitely that for me. I'm always that crazy woman who doesn't care if anybody is on the dance floor to dance. 😂) However that four mile treadmill or park run that may not be my cup of tea will completely be the opposite for someone else. The key is to find what works for you. You will have setbacks and missteps along the way. You will falter when you don't see results. Feel like you're only stepping backwards and not forward at times. However remember that without stepping backwards one can never truly move forward. Find a happy medium until something that can truly do your body good in a healthy way becomes a way of life and that translates beyond food and fitness.

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Stripe life. ••• Wearing @selfie_leslie dress

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