13 Careers Catapulted By Kanye West

13 Careers Catapulted By The Hands Of Kanye West

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The Yeezy Effect: 13 Careers That Were Catapulted By Kanye West


In light of Teyena Taylor’s praise for her role in Kanye Wests’ Fade music video, we thought we’d take a look into all of the careers that have been drastically expanded by the hands of Yeezus himself. Flip the script to see the careers that Kanye single handedly catapulted to stardom.

Kim Kanye Harper's 2

Kim Kardashian


There’s no doubt that Kim Kardashian’s career started far before Kanye took her hand in marriage, however her biggest claims to fame were a sex tape and “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Since she left her husband and married Ye she’s become an American icon. She has her hand in numerous businesses, from fashion, cosmetics, tech and high end modeling. She bought her entire family a career and can’t even step outside without making the news or setting social media ablaze. Guess Yeezy taught her well…


Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor is probably one of the most talented, yet underrated performers out right now but leave it up to Kanye to change all of that. After Teyana signed to G.O.O.D music back in 2012, she started working on a solo career which resulted in a small tour. However, after the recent birth of her daughter Junie, fans were sure she’d fall back into the shadows of the music industry. Just when we thought she’d go unnoticed again, Kanye came to the rescue. In his recent music video premiere for the song Fade, Teyana came through giving all types of bawdy and family goals. After lighting fire to social media and frankly, the entire internet –  she received numerous interviews about her career and was even offered a role on the VH1 series “The Breaks.”



Listeners were dumbfounded the first time they realized Desiigner’s hit song, Panda, was in fact not Future. After months of claiming his music and frankly, Kanye co-signing the skills of his new protege, Desiigner quickly went viral on every major urban entertainment platform. Kanye didn’t let Desiigner fall into the one hit wonder pile though, he quickly directed a music video for the young star and made sure he proved his talents on his 2016 Freshman XXL Freestyle. Who better to have in your corner than Kanye West?


Travis Scott


Travis Scott was no newcomer to the music industry, but it wasn’t until Kanye collaborated with him and exposed him to his millions of fans that he really climbed to international stardom. Kanye not only appeared in many joint performances with Travis but they also released a deeply creepy music video together last fall. With his extreme rap-rockstar style of performing. Travis can draw and command a crowd all his own now. Thank you Yeezus!

ian connor


Ian Conner


Stylist and Creative Director Ian Connor was more of a lowkey, underground fashion figure until Kanye really put him on. Not everyone knows, but Ian was once the go-to guy for Wiz Khalifa’s styling. After Kanye dropping his name who wouldn’t want to work with the man who collabs with Kanye West? Since then you can catch him working with a number of industry cool kids.


Kid Cudi

Undoubtedly talented rapper Kid Cudi was actually signed by Kanye West nearly a decade ago. He’s really the man who brought Kid Cudi to our airways and helped him build the lyrical lover fan base that he still maintains today.

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Vh1 Amber Rose Show Ty Dolla $#7 Amber Rose


There’s no doubt that Amber Rose has worked hard to maintain her relevance and turn nothing into something, however, the reality is without Kanye West we wouldn’t even know who she is. This Philly native already had a voice of her own, but Ye really gave her a storyline and made her intriguing. After being the musical muse behind so many of his best hits, how could we not be interested in this woman? Since then, she’s been able to flip that fame into a variety of business ventures including fashion, film and her own talk show.

It seems like everything Kanye touches turns to gold!



Did Adidas have a huge international brand before Kanye West? Absolutely. Did anyone really care or wear them anymore? Hellllll no. Kanye West single handedly lit fire to the rebirth of the Adidas brand. After a sneaker deal gone sour with Nike, Adidas swooped in during Kanye’s time of need. After Ye collaborated with Adidas to create the Yeezy sneaker line, Adidas reclaimed it’s position as a heavy hitter in the urban footwear market. They went from being known for played out track suits and shell toes to being one of the most coveted sneaker brands of this time. Everyone from industry influencers, tastemakers, celebs and owns or wants to own a pair of Yeezys – all thanks to Kanye West.


Big Sean 

Kanye West is actually responsible for putting Big Sean on the scene. After meeting Kanye at a local radio station near Detroit, Big Sean was able to perform a few bars for Kanye which ultimately lead to his first real gig – a spot on Kanye’s Graduation tour. Sean ultimately turned down attending university after being offered a deal with G.O.O.D music. To all the Big Sean fans out there – thank Kanye for the gift of finding new talent!


Taylor Swift

Kanye rapped about it in his Life Of Pablo track, “Famous” and rightfully so. Granted Taylor Swift did have a career prior to Kanye Wests’ famous interruption during her VMA acceptance speech, but that news catapulted her to new heights. That iconic disruption gave her a storyline that stretched far beyond her musical talents.  That seemingly devastating moment was able to keep her name in the mouths of media outlets who otherwise may not have given her music the attention it deserved.


Mike Dean

Super producer Mike Dean has been behind some of your favorite hits but you’d probably never know if it weren’t for Kanye putting his name to the streets. The Houston native audio engineer has been raved about by Kanye for years. Of course, leaving the millions of Kanye West fans around the world to do their research and find out who is the man behind so many famous tracks. After finally getting all the glory he deserves, other artists have also jumped on the Mike Dean wagon of beats. Dean’s worked with everyone from Beyonce, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, ASAP Ferg and many more. He is also the man behind Desiigner’s hypnotizing new track, Timmy Turner.

John Legend

That’s right people, the heartfelt singer owes the beginnings of his success to Mr. Kanye West. Not many have followed John Legend this far back, but he was actually the original G.O.O.D music artist that Kanye signed. It turns out these two have known each other since John was in college. Ye didn’t just glow up, he took John with him!


Virgil Abloh


Virgil Abloh, the man of many different hats. From audio engineering, creative direction and running his own fashion brand, Virgil Alboh has been blessed with the Yeezy Effect. He is undoubtedly talented, but without a name like Kanye West backing him, who knows if the world would’ve been able to appreciate his talents and all of their glory. Virgil is admittedly tight lipped about his relationship and work with Kanye, however he’s been known as his right hand man for many years. Success is one of the many perks of being friends with a musical genius.


Don C

Don C, known to many as the best friend and brains  behind the apparel brand Just Don is also one of Kanye’s best friends. If there is a major Kanye West concert, fashion show or even family function, chances are Don C is in attendance. Don is another old friend that Kanye was able to bring up by way of co-signs and exposure. Don flipped that exposure has Ye’s right hand into a lucrative, niche business.  In true best friend fashion, Kanye sports Don’s gear on occasion and of course that’s all it takes for people to start draining their checking account.


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