LHHATL’s Margeaux And New Blonde Gal Pal Merica Talk Interracial Love, Jealousy & Beef With Keke Wyatt On New Season Of “Marriage Boot Camp”

LHHATL’s Margeaux And New Gal Pal Merica Talk Interracial Love & Beef With Keke Wyatt On New Season Of “Marriage Boot Camp”

- By Bossip Staff

BOSSIP: What couple did you have beef with?

Margeaux: “I got along with everyone except Keke (Wyatt). I had my own stress and drama to deal with, and my girl that I didn’t have time to focus on anyone else. But that’s the only couple that we didn’t get along with it.

Merica: “We made it through. She (Margeaux) apologized. We closed the door, but we’ll always have that taste.”

Margeaux: “We were the only two black girls in the house, and sometimes I feel like there’s this thing where they expect the two black girls to fight. I don’t know if they expect it or the audience expects it. I was the only one who knew what she did or who she was. I grew up listening to her stuff…it was more just like, ‘Yo I love your stuff.’ And then it became more of a girl, catty thing, and it was just really negative and I felt like I didn’t want to show that black girls couldn’t get along.

And maybe WE TV is not the place for that, but that was really important to me…for me, I was like I’m going to let it go an apologize because – not for her sake or mine – but because I just wanted to show black girls in a different light. We don’t always have to be screaming and fighting, especially over nothing.”

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