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Tanee McCall Is Perturbed With Columbus Short Interviewer Raquel Harper

Earlier we reported that Columbus Short visited Raq Rants to address his seedy life decisions. There was one part of the interview that didn’t sit well with Tanee McCall, Short’s ex-wife and the first woman to file a restraining order against the actor. During that interview, McCall felt like Raq Rants host Raquel Harper patronized the 4 time accused abuser and let him get off lightly, even calling him a “nice guy” before bringing up the allegations. Peep it at the 6:45 mark.

Tanee McCall feels like Raquel Harper owed it to her and the 3 other women who’ve filed restraining orders against Short, to have given him the heat he deserved while addressing abuse allegations.

I am triggered every time a famous person is accused of domestic violence because of the way the media reports on it and the way some people respond to it. When Amber Heard came forward with a visible black eye—allegedly caused by her then husband, Johnny Depp, though she later withdrew her claims—she was attacked so ferociously that I had to go back to therapy. Everyone said Depp was a “nice guy,” too.

And so I am writing this open letter to you, Raquel, because I wanted you to do and be better than that interview. I know TMZ is an entertainment site, but domestic violence is not entertainment—at least, it shouldn’t be. Either do not touch on it or have the courage and decency to do so with respect. You owed it to me. You owed it to Karrine Steffans, Simone Kelly and Agostina Laneri—the three women who filed restraining orders after me.

That’s four women who bravely came forward—in just the past two years alone—to testify to the abuse that they endured at the hands of The Womanizer you interviewed. And these are just the women we know of because intimate-partner violence is so underreported.

Tanee McCall and Short were married for 8 years, divorcing in 2014. To refresh everyone’s memory, she’s his ex that put the paws on his alleged mistress when he recorded it and shared it publicly. You can read her entire letter to Harper here, courtesy of The Root.




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