Get That Money, Lil Lady: “Doc McStuffins” Actress Sues Disney For Her Cut Of Merchandise Revenue

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Doc Mcstuffins Actress Kiara Muhammad Sues Disney

Unless you live beneath a rock (and DEFINITELY if you have kids), you’re more than familiar with the preschool fave, “Doc McStuffins.” Well it seems the actress that’s been bringing life to the adorable character hasn’t been getting compensated by Disney for her hard work — according to a new lawsuit.

As The Hollywood Reporter reports, Anitra Muhammad is suing Disney Character Voices and Studiopolis on behalf of Kiara Muhammad, the teen voice actress who plays McStuffins. Since 2010, Kiara has acted under single-day contract — meaning that a new agreement is signed each day on her arrival, and terminates as soon as she leaves. In theory, she doesn’t have a job anymore each time she leaves the studio.

According to the lawsuit, Muhammad has suggested on numerous occasions that they reach an employment agreement that would at least cover multiple days of work, instead of the odd daily contract setup. However, they were blatantly denied the request, because it left Disney with the flexibility to replace Kiara at any time.

INTERESTING. What a shady-sounding deal.

On top of all that, the suit also claims that Disney has failed to pay Kiara’s wages in a timely manner on multiple occasions, and hasn’t even bothered to pay her share of merchandising revenue.

For the cartoon’s first season, Kiara was only paid a flat fee of $5,000. Starting the second season, in exchange for exclusive merchandising rights for McStuffins and the rights to use of Kiara’s name, voice and likeness, Disney offered to pay her 2.5% of the net merchandising — money she says she has yet to see. In fact, she hasn’t even seen the accounting of how much she’s owed.

SMH! Naturally, Kiara is suing for breach of contract, and wants an accounting to determine how much merchandising should be coming her way under the agreement.

We hope she gets every cent she deserves — AND the job security she should have at this point. You would think after 6 years and all the money she has surely made for Disney they would take care of her better…

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