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Reggie Bush Accused Of Offering Mistress Hush Money To Abort Love Child

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Poor Kimmy Fakes! The cracks are beginning to show in Reggie Bush’s picture perfect matrimony-dom with Kim Kardashian lookalike Lilit Avagyan. Friends of Avagyan tell BOSSIP they are sick of the way Bush has been mistreating her and are tired of keeping quiet about his lying cheating ways.

Sources close to the couple tell BOSSIP that several weeks ago Reggie Bush allegedly paid $2 Million to Monique Exposito, a waitress who works at Miami nightclub Mokai this year for her silence and to have an abortion.

“It is well known in Miami circles that Reggie has been hooking up with Monique for the last 2 years,” a trusted source told BOSSIP, adding that he’s also been paying for her living expenses. “When Monique told him that she was pregnant, Reggie offered her $1 million to have an abortion, but she declined.”

Sounds like Monique is no dummy. Remember when Paul George supposedly tried to pay his baby moms to do the same thing? In any case, our source tells us that within weeks of making his initial offer, Reggie was told that Monique had struck a deal with a gossip site to sell her story and would be making her pregnancy public.

“She lawyered up,” the source tells BOSSIP, revealing how Monique shared photos on Instagram while taking meetings with her attorney in LA. “She definitely was trying to send him a very strong message that she was not playing around.”

Our source tells us it didn’t take long before Lilit found out and threatened Bush with divorce if he did not take care of the situation with Monique. In a desperate bid to make everything go away, Reggie allegedly offered Monique $2 million for her silence and to have the abortion.

“My understanding is a settlement was eventually made and Monique pulled out of her deal to tell her story,” the source told BOSSIP exclusively. “She even deleted all posts on her Instagram page where she’d mentioned her lawyer.”

To further complicate matters, our sources claim Reggie also took a personal leave from the first week of training camp to deal with the situation and because Lilit was threatening to file for divorce.

Bush seems to be breathing easier since making the settlement offer based on these recent posts.

Reggie recently posted a family photo and a quote that reads “God can turn around any situation.” Unfortunately despite all that he’s already put her through, Lilit’s friends say Reggie is still far from the model hubby he portrays on social media.

Damn. Damn. Damn. Man did Kim Kardashian pick a terrible time to take a break from social media. What do you think of these allegations?


The plot thickens though. Keep reading for more details and a look at photos of Monique.



Instagram Monique Exposito

Here is a shot of Monique with her lawyer, allegedly out shopping her story in L.A.


And if we were Lilit we would be asking for receipts for that alleged abortion because from the way she is covering her stomach in some of the pre-deletion photos Monique looks pretty far along to be having abortions.



Oh and how about the private “Mom Life” page that Monique created a few weeks ago? She has daughter already but she never shied away from sharing photos of her before. What’s that about?




More on Lilit’s unhappy marriage when you continue


To further complicate matters, friends of Avagyan went into detail with BOSSIP about what they described as Bush’s controlling ways, even revealing that Lilit has had work done to try and please the NFLer.

“Lilit had extensive plastic surgery on her nose, breasts and butt in an effort to be more attractive to him,” the insider claimed to BOSSIP. “She also feels so much pressure being constantly compared to his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian , especially since she is also Armenian.”


BEVERLY HILLS, CA - MAY 16: Dancer Lilit Avagyan arrives at the GSN's 1st Annual Game Show Awards at the Wilshire Theatre Beverly Hills on May 16, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Michael Kovac/FilmMagic)


We never really noticed before but Lilit has changed over the years, hasn’t she?

WENN Espy's 2013 Reggie Bush Lilit Avagyan

Lilit in 2013

WENN Lilit Avagyan 2014

Lilit in 2014


With Bush

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Interestingly Lilit also recently went blonde (like Monique)



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