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30 Black Twitter Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween is finally upon us! If you’re having trouble thinking of fun and relevant costumes this year, we’ve got you covered!

Carter Halloween

Do you like to go sexy, scary or dress up like a famous character?

Flip the script to see our ideas!


1. Teyana Taylor, Kanye’s Famous Video

If you’re down for being half naked this is an easy and iconic costume for Halloween this year.

2. Usain Bolt

If you can find some athletic gear in the same colors, all you’ll need is some markers and white felt.


3. Joanne The Scammer



4. Rihanna Work Video

All the Riri fans, here’s your chance to whip out your mesh dresses without being judged. Don’t forget the short hair and dark lips!


5. Arthur x Hennything Is Possible

For all the Henny lovers, here’s a hilarious costume you can create for under $15. A sure hit for Halloween.


6. DW Meme Costume 


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7. Hilary Clinton Dabbing

Ask your aunties to borrow her work pantsuit, toss on your most caucasian wig and start dabbing.


8. Skai Jackson Petty Meme

Easy and hilarious. Don’t forget to take pics for the gram.

Empire Cookie Lucious
9. Cookie And Lucious Lion From Empire

Empire was a huge show this year and would make an equally huge costume.


10. Pro Black Ladies In Formation

A great costume for a group of friends who want to match. The more ladies, the better.


11. Blac Chyna & Rob

Another inexpensive and easy costume. If you’re pregnant this is even easier, if not, just stuff your outfits!


12. Cardi B

Don’t forget to smack your tongue and let them know you got beef FOEVA.


13. Meek Mill

Not sure who wants to be Meek Mill, with as many L’s as he took this year, probably no one… but it would certainly make a hilarious costume.


14. Blackish Family

Another great costume for families, and not too heavy in the expense department.


15. Titi

All you need is a black tee, some tats, a bad weave and pink lipstick. Don’t forget the voice though!


16. Snapchat Filters

Hit up your local crafts store and get to work on your own Snapchat filters.


17. Frazzled Mr. Krabs

If you can pull this off, you’ll definitely be the life of the Halloween party.


18. Drake Hotline Bling Video

Already have an orange puffer coat and some timbs? Just head to the barbershop to complete your look.


19. Kylie Jenner and Tyga

For all the Kyga fans, get your bae to do this costume with you!


20. Colin Kapernick

Grab a jersey and let your hair down for this costume.


21. Pokemon Go

Just because the Pokemon Go craze has died, doesn’t mean this can’t me a hilarious costume. Find yourself a Pokemon trainer outfit (or make one) and carry around a golf ball painted like the one in the game. Definitely a creative DIY.


22. Solange

A great costume under $5



23. The West Family

If you have kids, this is an easy an inexpensive costume for the family. Don’t forget baby Saint West!


24. Jordan Cry Face

Why? Because it never gets old… ever.

Beyonce Lemonade BTS shots Hold Up

25. Beyonce Lemonade

Definitely an iconic, recognizable costume for the year.

Rio Olympics Artistic Gymnastics Women
26. Simone Biles

What better costume than to represent young black excellence?

27. Donald Trump

Be dirty Donald Trump for Halloween and add your own humorous spins on it.


28. Beyonce 

Beyonce Serena

29. Serena Williams, Beyonce Video

A great costume for two friends!


30.  Instagram “Model”

Work out gear… check

Diet shake… check

Just throw in some long hair, some perfectly drawn eyebrows and work your angles!


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