#BaaawdyGoals: Meet The Thicky Fit Celebrity Trainer Melting Instagram

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Kathy Drayton Is Breaking The Internet


Thicky fit celebrity trainer Kathy Drayton is melting the internet with her too-surreal-to-be-real baaaawdy, striking looks and inspiring dedication to fitness that make her an absolute MUST FOLLOW on Instagram.


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Even the most unexpected people in your life can show the true colors that you never thought they could possibly posses. Including yourself! • Loving somebody does not mean allowing them to walk all over you & it doesn't mean allowing anyone to treat you less than what you deserve. We are all human and we're all going to have moments where we treat people less than what we should, but ultimately it's our job as a individuals to reminder ourselves of our worth and know when to say "no I'm sorry you cannot treat me this way. I don't accept this." Maybe that means creating a boundary, maybe that means taking some time for yourself and stepping back to reevaluating the nature of the relationship and see if it's salvageable & maybe it'll be time to step away. At the end of the day extend love and grace, yes, & never forget who and who's your are. The ones that are meant to stay Will recognize your worth and will meet you there. But it's up to you to recognize your worth and establish your boundaries. #Hawaii #30DayTransformationTeam To Get Your Own FitCurvy Transformation Plan: www.30DayTransformationTeam.com (click get started) #oahu #motivation #fitness #fit #goals #weightloss #positivevibes #fitfam #inspiration #focused #islandvibes #heels #flexfriday #happyhour #dinner #slimthick #truth #fitspiration #bodygoals #curves #blessed #queen #thick #thickfit #slimthick #vegan #fitthick #success

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It's not the easy flow of things that strengthens you. It's the difficulties that teach you about "the fight" • My proudest moments aren't of something being handed to me. They are of the moments when I fought for it, and FINALLY saw the change! I fought for myself after years of accepting trash as an existence and now I stand proud of the woman I am becoming and the people I've chosen to share life with! I fought for peace and sanity.. I fought for new confidence… I fought for my body and the changes that have developed… Not for a day or a week but for over a year now and I proud of the mental toughness I've developed! • It doesn't get easier to be disciplined and learn to fight! It does however get easier to start saying YES to the things that matter and NO to the things that do not. • What's your fight? • When do you stop accepting what's NOT acceptable in your life & for your life? • (Pause here and just think..) • Start with the first thing that comes to mind, that is where you need to start fighting for IT- YOU! 👠Train For The Heels👠 #30DayTransformationTeam #FitCurvy💪🏾🍑 #ItsTheScience WeAreFamily To Get Your Own FitCurvy Transformation Plan: www.30DayTransformationTeam.com (click get started) #calves #testimony #ootd #motivation #fitness #fit #goals #weightloss #transformation #fitfam #inspiration #heels #enpowerment #dress #flexfriday #happyhour #fitspiration #bodygoals #curves #blessed #queen #thick #thickfit #slimthick #vegan #fitthick #success

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Confidence isn’t born from others lifting us up. That’s ego. Confidence is developed as purpose is developed. • Going from "Good" at something to 'Great" to finally "Excellent," that is confidence in rare form!It’s the tree inside the seed. Every giant tree 🌲 was already inside of a tiny seed. It needed certain things to grow to its potential. Water, light, fresh air, nutrients from the soil- All contribute to the strength, durability and beauty of the massive tree. And one day the tree will bare fruit if it makes it to the stage of maturity. Much like the tree held within the Tiny Seed… You are already WHO you will be. It’s ALL inside of you. Like the seed, you too require certain elements to grow to maturity. Exposure, love, pressure, challenges, habits, change, education, will all be a part of birthing WHO YOU ARE. You can’t afford to live like you don’t posses greatness. If you believe that you aren’t great.. Look at the tiny seed it takes to birth a massive tree. God gave us parallels in this life to show us what small beginnings look like and how great the outcome can be! You ARE meant to be great. Not live small to avoid feeling uncomfortable or in the fear of others not accepting you! Work the” ground” around the seed of your life! Don’t stop because it looks underdeveloped. WORK knowing that it has the makings of greatness!! #30DayTransformationTeam ItsTheScience To Get Your Own FitCurvy Transformation Plan: www.30DayTransformationTeam.com (click get started) #fridaynight #motivation #fitness #fit #goals #weightloss #positivevibes #fitfam #inspiration #focused #islandvibes #heels #flexfriday #happyhour #downtown #slimthick #truth #fitspiration #honolulu #bodygoals #curves #blessed #queen #thick #thickfit #slimthick #vegan #fitthick #success

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Imagine how tied up in "doing work and making moves" MLK jr. was! Or Mother Teresa, or even Kanye West! The ones making moves to change the world and use their influence. I'll bet they wouldn't use IG or FB even if they could outside of to spread their word. Why? Because they are too busy to be in other folks business! • JUST KNOW: It's gonna require everything we've got to make a change! I mean seriously, most people can't even follow a diet plan for more than a week without getting board and falling backwards… So how much greater of a focus will be required in order for us to not only discipline our life to submit ourself to Process and Change than to THEN have something additional as a result to offer hope and solution to others!? Deep thought. Read it again⚠️. • I DO believe there's a greater purpose for my existence than to be here- then die. AND I BELIEVE THE SAME FOR YOU!! It may not be all clear yet, BUT it's Absolutely necessary that we be so wrapped up in our own "business" that there's little to no time left to sit around ingesting and regurgitating senseless garbage about other people's lives. Time for us to use our time more wisely. #WhatAreYouDoing? #30DayTransformationTeam #FitCurvy💪🍑 TransformationOfTheMind ItsTheScience To Get Your Own FitCurvy Transformation Plan: www.30DayTransformationTeam.com (click get started) #humpday #ootd #motivation #fitness #fit #goals #weightloss #positivevibes #fitfam #wcw #inspiration #heels #realtalk #dress #transformation #truth #fitspiration #bodygoals #curves #blessed #queen #thick #thickfit #slimthick #vegan #fitthick #success

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    How do you "Get Hungry" when you are satisfied with where you are??? HOW FAR DO YOU WANT TO REACH??? • One question I think I regularly have to ask myself. I'm not one who needs a whole lot to be satisfied… Always saw that as a good thing. Until I met @LutherFreeman who is NEVER satisfied because he knows the potential he posses is greater then most can imagine. In fact most people don't ever take the time to imagine how great they may be, because they are comfortable with simply "Existing!! "Even if it's not totally satisfying… It's enough to skirt by with and survive. personally, I've had to fight my own truths in order to tap into that "PUSH HARDER, BE GREAT, DON'T SETTLE" part of me… Because I wasn't born wanting to be a big time CEO, Lawyer or Top model (etc) myself.. • BUT I learned that it's selfish of me NOT to fight to reveal my greatest potential Why??? • Because my story isn't just for me to learn from. What I'm trying to explain is you don't have to be born a winner to win. That's NOT real. You do have to develop a winners attitude though which is 100% dependent on your decision to BEcome the best version of yourself, and also to surround yourself with like-minded company to hold you accountable to growth!! Once you start to yield a result, it become addicting! (Some addictions are life changing in the best way!) Keep Working To Transform Into Your Best Self Until The Day You Die & You Will One Day Leave This Earth With Something That Will Inspire The Future… FOREVER!!!! • Train For The Heels #Calves #30DayTransformationTeam #FitCurvy💪🏾🍑 #ItsTheScience • To Get Your Own FitCurvy Transformation Plan: www.30DayTransformationTeam.com (click get started) #ootd #motivation #fitness #bodygoals #curves #fit #goals #weightloss #fitfam #heels #inspiration #dress #transformation #enpowerment #body #selfie #thick #legs #wcw #humpday #thickfit #queen #slimthick #vegan #fitthick #success

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    I don't have all the answers. I have some, (probably giving myself too much credit here😁) because as a woman we LOVE to have the answers! Lol, but I'm pretty decent at admitting when I don't know. On the flip side, Some people ALWAYS have the answer. But, their life is not a reflection of all they constantly tell you yours should be. Ultimately, you can take some motivational message and be inspired for a moment, But just know you will have to walk out your own choices and feel the pains and missteps for yourself to make any difference in your own life. Getting inspired is easy. Changing is hard. Worth it, but harder than anything else. Because who you were is still a part of you- and like it or not that's where you're comfortable. • To become what you admire, you'll have to change Your Steps, Your Language, Your Habits, What you expect and what you will no longer accept, it's gonna darn near break you! So read less inspiring stuff, talk less, and go make some of your own, BIG CHOICES, little choices, consistent choices so that you too can have a powerful "quote worthy" one liner that actually means something!! #30DayTransformationTeam #FitCurvy💪🏾🍑 #ItsTheScience WeAreFamily To Get Your Own FitCurvy Transformation Plan: www.30DayTransformationTeam.com (click get started) #motivationmomday #testimony #ootd #motivation #fitness #fit #goals #weightloss #positivevibes #fitfam #inspiration #heels #realtalk #dress #beauty #truth #fitspiration #bodygoals #curves #blessed #queen #thick #thickfit #slimthick #vegan #fitthick #success

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    Is your inner beauty competing with your outer appearance? Inner beauty speaks without needing to be heard- it's felt. It's the way you leave people feeling. It's a peace and calm you carry. I truly believe some of the most unpleasant people are just hurting, or they've been through something that's caused them to shrink back in anger for their loss. That's real, we are all human and certain events create a long term effect. But even still, we have a choice to stay angry and hurt or allowing healing to occur. I remember about 4-5 years ago I was going through a really tough season in my life and I was outright angry. Strangely enough I hid that anger from "friends" but around family the truth would come out. Probably because it's much harder to hide your truth when you get around folks who bring vulnerability out of you. Anyways, at one point I guess it was so bad my Mother, who has been through hell and back in her life and can call some bullshit out because of her experience! Says to me "Kathy, you are being a mean heart. I know you are hurting and I'm sorry but you still have a choice who you will be. Stop it."😳😕😔 It was true and would you believe that sole confrontation that was as embarrassing as it was humbling stopped me dead in my tracks. I was so hurt at the realization that my "hurt" was hurting people I loved very much. I think sometimes you just need to hear the truth. "You're mean. Stop it." From a person you respect & love. It's a strange defense mechanism, being mean, and very dangerous- When you mirror the hurt you despise. Disarm yourself- apologize for being that way- and work towards healing so you don't default back to that same place. #30DayTransformationTeam #FitCurvy💪🍑 To Get Your Own FitCurvy Transformation Plan: www.30DayTransformationTeam.com (click get started) #ootd #transformation #motivation #fitness #bodygoals #thighs #curves #fit #goals #weightloss #fitfam #transformationtuesday #heels #inspiration #dress #body #selfie #thick #legs #quads #fashion #chanel #queen #slimthick #vegan #fitthick #success #workout

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    Repost From: @LutherFreeman ° Why am I so unapologetic about publically sharing my love for my queen?? Why am I such a strong advocate for empowering men to honor women? • TIME TO SHARE MY STORY. • I was raised in an incredibly dysfunctional household. On a daily basis, I heard "Fuck You" "Kiss My Ass" "Dumb Bitch" "Shut The Fuck Up" "Son, when you grow up don't get with a woman like your mom" or "Son, don't grow up to be like your dad & don't grow up & treat your lady like this." They were on drugs throughout my childhood thru 10th grade & fought every second of the most receptive part of my life. They were great people individually but together they were destructive. They only stayed together to make sure we had both a mother & father in the house until college. The problem was, they told me what NOT to become & what type of person NOT to choose, but they NEVER taught me what type of person TO choose or what type of man I should be to a woman. Every time they said those things to me I would always reply, "I'M NOT LIKE YALL, I'M NOT A PRODUCT OF THIS ENVIRONMENT, I'M A GROW UP & SHOW YALL HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE DONE!" My mom was busy fighting my dad so anything she said to me was a complaint about him.She had no motherly nurturing love to give so I never experienced a woman's love & affection prior to meeting @Kathy_drayton & my dad was busy fighting my mom so he was not able to focus on showing me the example of how a man should treat his woman. I cld tell my mom truly believed it wasn't possible for me to be anything different than what she experienced. Took that VERY PERSONAL & Actually my #1 goal in life was to get married & have an amazing family. I was selecting wedding songs at 11 yrs old & always daydreaming what my queen would look like. My goal was to prove them wrong, SEEK to learn how a man is supposed to honor a woman, find the best woman in the world & treat her like a queen! Dad was so proud & EXCITED abt my upcoming wedding, this was that one moment I've envisioned my whole life! He passed a few months ago. We changed the wedding date to Nov 2nd in honor of my dads birthday. I won't see him, but HE WILL BE THERE!!! #30DayTransformationTeam #mcm

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    DETERMINATION ° The question IS NOT who is going to let me; it's WHO IS GOING TO STOP ME!! The biggest battle is with the woman looking back at my in the mirror. Will she limit herself or will she focus, commit and grow? • Determination IS NOT a "Moment of inspiration" it's a calculated process that will yield a certain result. • What are you determined to do? • If you are determined to graduate you have a course map! (A Plan) The course map is the layout of classes you will take to reach your graduation date by an expected time frame. At which time you will receive an expected accreditation that will grant you access to a new realm of possibilities, income and livelihood. Life is full of these determinations. Your life is full of expectations. But are you determined in areas of expectancy like your physical body, your family life, and finances? Do they have a "calculated process" (determination) that WILL guide them towards a specific outcome? • You "SAY" you want the body!! what's your determination to meet the established goals along the way and what tools are you geared up to utilize? • You "SAY" you want the man!! What are you determined to do to prepare your life and spirit to receive "the one"? • You "SAY" you want more money!! What are you determined to do so your plan yields a change and it goes beyond the hours your job gives you?! Are you determined- or just inspired? ALL-NATURAL IBustedMyAssForMyShape • #LateNight #30DayTransformationTeam #FitCurvy💪🏾🍑 ItsTheScience WeAreFamily To Get Your Own FitCurvy Transformation Plan: www.30DayTransformationTeam.com (click get started) #happysaturday #testimony #ootd #motivation #fitness #fit #goals #weightloss #transformation #fitfam #inspiration #saturdaynight #downtown #football #enpowerment #fitspiration #hurricane #bodygoals #curves #blessed #queen #thick #thickfit #slimthick #vegan #fitthick #success

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