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Karrine Steffans Makes Columbus Short Abortion Revelations

Karrine Steffans recently revealed some very private information in a lengthy essay. The author who split from Columbus Short earlier this year and publicly blasted him for cheating is continuing to write for XO Jane.

And in her latest piece, she’s revealing that she’s had three abortions, two of which were from her third husband Columbus Short. According to Karrine she terminated her last pregnancy and told her ex-husband it was a miscarriage.

Via XO Jane:

I have been married three times, and in the past year, aborted the two babies conceived with my third husband. God knows I loved him. God knows I still do. But it was his drug and alcohol addictions and the abuse I suffered from him that made it impossible for me to see myself stuck with him for the rest of my life.

I figured the marriage could be undone, but our children would be forever, and they deserved a better father and a happier, healthier mother. He knew about the first abortion, which I had before our marriage, but I told him the second abortion was a miscarriage. That was a month after we were married, and I was terrified of what he might do if he knew I’d willingly aborted the child he begged me to have.

Karrine Columbus

She also revealed that she regrets the abortion she had from a young lover ten years her junior. “I would give anything to bring that baby back.”

“It happened in the time between my second husband and my third. He was more than 10 years younger than I, but he was an old soul who fed me spiritually and shook me to my core. I cared for him. But three years into our relationship, when I found myself pregnant with his child, my lover — who was not yet 25 years old — panicked. I thought if I had the abortion, I could save us, but it destroyed me, and I could never bring myself to talk to him again. I would give anything to bring that baby back.

I had those three abortions with the assistance of doctors I’d never seen before.

I needed strangers to perform them.”

Wowwww, at her honesty.

She’s now being shamed by people who can’t believe that she would reveal these details of her personal life.

Karrine Steffans

What do YOU think about Karrine’s abortions confession???Read her piece in full HERE.



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