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Karrine Steffans Responds To Kendu Isaac’s Cheating Rumors

Kendu Isaac’s name has been getting dragged around the rumor mill lately and inquiring minds are wondering if the allegations towards him are true.

Earlier, blogger Fameolous posted a very suggestive blind item describing the ex-husband of an R&B singer who ‘now wants spousal support’ (we reported that about Kendu Isaacs yesterday). They also alleged that the same ex in question had multiple side relationships and was giving an allowance to Karrine Steffans.

Check it out.


Karrine has since reached out to BOSSIP to respond to the rumors and to explain that she has NO part in the Kendu Issacs/Mary J. Blige divorce drama.

Do you have a personal relationship with Kendu?
KS:  have known Kendu for 10 years, through mutual business associates and friends. I consider him a friend, yes. Not a close friend, but a friend nonetheless.

Has he ever helped you out financially?
KS: Why would I need anyone to do that? That doesn’t make any sense.


Who do you think leaked this story?
Leaked is not the right term; the right term is made up, and I don’t know who did this but it had to be someone who has something to gain by it.

What would be the motive?
I’m not a detective so, I don’t know. But divorces are messy and anything and anyone is fair game, especially when there are millions of dollars at stake.

Karrine is also speaking on her love life and we asked her if there’s anything she’d like to say to MJB.


Hit the flip for her responses.


Karrine Steffans

Karrine Steffans is dating and in love.

Who are you dating now?
I won’t discuss that, but I’m not single and I am very happy and very much in love.

What would you like to say to Mary J about all of this?
Absolutely nothing. None of this has anything to do with me.

We heard that once at a party she said, she “knows who you are.”
I have told the story of the one time I met Ms. Blige many time because it was a funny moment to me. I blogged and tweeted about it when it happened. It’s public knowledge. Everything else in these reports are 100% fabricated.

Well there you have it. Why’s everyone always trying to blame everything on Karrine???


karrine steffans

What do YOU think of her clearing the air??? More tweets on the flip.







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