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Stay Positive: 15 Ways To Directly Affect Your Community

If you’ve been feeling down after this year’s presidential election, you certainly are not alone. Despite the temptation to dwell, we should use our frustration to fuel our strides toward change.


In this gallery, we’re showing you 15 ways to make a difference in your community.


1. Give Back To Your Community

Whether it’s $1, $5, $50 or more, something is better than nothing. If your local organizations aren’t receiving the funding they need to create change, remember that every dollar counts. Maybe skip out on date night, or stay in for the weekend and use that money where it matters the most.


2. Read, Stay Informed

Don’t let social media rule everything around you. Staying informed means doing more than listening to what the media tells you, do your own research. Understand local laws, understand local government and understand where your American dollars are going.

3. Participate In Local Government

Whether your presidential candidate won or lost this election, don’t forget that local government matters. If you feel that your voice wasn’t heard this election, make sure it’s heard in your community. Ask questions, write letters, protest, be present and share your voice.

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4. Invest Your Money

Be wise with your money. See a financial advisor and let them guide you toward the best decisions you can make. Invest your money into things that will show you a relatively easy return. Teach your children how to manage their finances as well. 

5. Support Minority Businesses

Support the minority businesses in your area and help them grow. Support local businesses so you can bring more money and more jobs to your neighborhood.

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6. Boycott Companies Who Don’t Care

Minimize or better yet stop all purchases from enormous companies who could care less about your life and your rights as a citizen. Research which companies are a part of groups and organizations that have negative affects on minority groups.

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7. Community Service, Volunteering 

If you don’t have extra dollars to spend on local businesses or donations, don’t worry, your efforts are just as valuable. Donate your time into making your community great. Volunteer with local farming, building homes, or even small things like mowing a neighbor’s lawn. Take pride in your community and remember you get back what you put in!

8. Lead By Example

There’s nothing wrong with lecturing our young people, but generally they learn best by example. Be the change you want to see in the world. Practice what you preach and lead others toward creative more positive, sustainable communities.


9. Participate In Youth Lives

The children are our future. Some day they will help us choose presidents, make laws, cure cancer and do things we probably haven’t dreamt of. Just because you don’t have children doesn’t mean you don’t have a responsibility to help teach and mold their minds. Search for local non-profits that work to benefit the youth, mentor a child in your neighborhood, school one of your younger cousins. Be active and share your knowledge.

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10. Build Community Morale

Sometimes we become so tired of our environment that we give up, but this is not the time to lay down and let our communities wither away. Be a leader; if your community could use some uplifting, do not be afraid to take the first step to let your voice be heard. Start an organization, start a monthly meeting, make posters, paint an inspiring mural. You never know how your small efforts will bring hope to others. 

11. Refrain From Of Substance Abuse

High percentages of high substance abuse usually correlate with high crime rates. The more we can focus our energies into rebuilding our community, the more constructive and sustainable we can be.


12. Be Yourself

Don’t let this election scare you or make you fearful of being yourself. If you want to rock a fro, rock it proud. If you want to wear braids, wear them. Don’t let societal standards hinder you from being any less authentic.

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13. Fight For What You Believe In 

If you feel strongly about something, do not hesitate to safely fight for what you believe in.  Know your rights and exercise them! Don’t hide behind a screen or complain with little or no action behind your words. Get up, get active and fight!


14. Teach Your Kids

No matter what neighborhood you live in or what communities your child frequents, make sure they are informed. Of course, any time you are dealing with children you must be sensitive about your delivery, but do teach them to be proud of who they are and where they came from. If they are old enough to understand what’s going on, make sure you have a conversation with them about the world and how to function productively in it.

15. Don’t Give Up

The most important tip we have is, do not give up and stay consistent. Protecting and changing your community will not happen over night, it’s an uphill battle that will take time and dedication.


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