#WhosUnderTheSheet People Can’t Believe That THIS Character Was Killed On #HTGAWM

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Were you watching???

Twitter Reacts To How To Get Away With Murder’s Midseason Finale

Dedicated ShondaLand watchers are in distress after Thursday’s midseason finale of “How To Get Away With Murder.”



Wes was revealed as the person who was under the sheet after being caught in a house fire at Annalise’s house…

and viewers just couldn’t deal…

especially the ones who thought it was Nate.

What’d YOU think about the midseason #HTGAWM finale???

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Alfred Enoch has since spoken out on Wes’ death.
He tells PEOPLE:

“I’m sad I won’t have scenes with these amazing people I’ve come to love and respect over the past three years, but I’m happy the show was willing to do something so drastic,” Alfred Enoch tells PEOPLE of his character, Wes, being revealed under the sheet.

Enoch, 27, and the rest of his cast had been told when they started filming the season that one of them would die, but the decision of who it was going to be was actually not made until the writers were working on episode 7.

“There was a lot of trepidation,” Enoch says of the work environment. “But I knew losing anyone was going to be really hard. Honestly, I would feel a lot worse if it wasn’t me.”

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