Fake Boyfriend Files? Matt Jordan Exposes Kenya Moore & Says She Paid For THIS

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Matt Jordan And Kenya Moore Continue To Blast Each Other

Messy breakups….

Remember when we told you that Kenya Moore claimed that her ex was jealous of a throwback picture of herself and Jay Z???


Kenya has since taken to her Bravo blog to air out”insecure” Matt Jordan, who was seen on Sunday’s episode skipping out on the party she planned for him, reportedly over the Jay Z photo.

What did you think when Matt got upset about your #TBT photo?

KM: I am proud to have had a legitimate acting career in Hollywood for over 20 years and have worked with amazing actors and talent of all kinds. I have posted “Throwback Thursday” photos of my career, family, and of myself even prior to dating him. There was no disrespect intended as he felt. I’ve never had a romantic relationship with Jay Z as we only worked together once. The photo was on a set and not a personal one like all the others I’ve posted. I initially thought it was silly and tried to ignore it, but he just would not let it go. It was one of the early signs of his insecurities.

How difficult was it for you to have Matt’s birthday party without Matt?

KM: It was hard because it was in his honor and it is something I know he would really love, since we had done it before in the Dominican Republic on New Year’s Eve 2015. I only wanted to make it special for him.

Matt is now defending himself from Kenya’s “lies” and alleging that him skipping out on the b-day party was all HER idea.

Hit the flip.

According to Matt Kenya needs to “stop lying.” Matt alleges that claims that he was an “abusive boyfriend” were false and he was NEVER jealous of the Jay Z photo considering that he couldn’t tell that it was her in the picture.

Furthermore, he says Kenya PAID for his plane ticket to leave the day before the “fake birthday party” so it would look like he didn’t show up.

“Tell the truth about the fake birthday you planned purposely a day before YOU booked me the flight back to ATL so it would look like I just didn’t show up. […] SHAME ON YOU.”

He also shouted out Kim Fields’ husband Chris, who Kenya Moore alleged was a closeted homosexual, but still came to her defense.

“Everybody gives you a pass even the brother you called gay all last season.”

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Kenya has since responded; hit the flip.

According to Kenya Matt’s not even worth a response…


her fans however feel differently and they’re OBLITERATING him on Instagram.


More comments on the flip.

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