Nicki Minaj Fed Up After Allegedly Catching Meek Mill Constantly Creeping…

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Has Meek Mill Been Cheating On Nicki Minaj With Boutique Owner?

Nicki Minaj relationship

As BOSSIP previously reported, things got very exciting on Meek Mill’s Instagram Sunday night, with him posting a photo of a woman’s booty who was obviously NOT Nicki Minaj.

nicki minaj relationship

Meek couldn’t even resist taking to Snapchat to brag about people not knowing who his Ms. New Booty is…

nicki minaj relationship

As much as he’d probably like this information to remain confidential, we’re ready to tell you everything we’ve heard — which includes the news that Nicki and Meek are indeed broken up, he’s bought a new home and they no longer live together. Furthermore, the issue isn’t just between them. If the a$$ he posted didn’t already clue folks in that he’s been getting it in outside his relationship, we can confirm we’ve also heard allegations that’s the case.

The post followed a slew of subs Meek and Nicki have been firing at each other — some of which have been misunderstood by the public.

Take this one for example, which we thought was a message from Meek to Meek in attempt to elevate his own self-confidence. But insiders actually believe it’s a message to his longtime alleged paramour, a woman who is already a member of Meek’s inner circle thanks to her close relationships with the girlfriends of Meek’s entourage member Deen Muhammed and his cousin P Mon…

Livin on a Sunday… #Lastnight @toileonnah 👯

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After we posted the photo of Meek with the car Saturday, a Philly insider hit us up claiming what they allege many in the city already know. Meek and Nicki’s troubles were allegedly caused by his alleged ongoing cheating with Sonye, who has allegedly been in the picture for well over a year — and is alleged to have benefited by having Meek bankroll the boutique she owns. The insider tells BOSSIP that Sonye allegedly tells anyone within earshot how much money Meek spends on her and how he bought her a boutique…

There’s no telling whether Meek is unable to resist her due to sheer proximity (she’s allegedly almost always around, hanging with Toi Leonnah and Ahnee) or her pull over him. Indeed, as much as Meek and Nicki seem to fire shots at EACH other on social media, Sonye seems to make their relationship the target of many of her own messages.

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Tell us you don’t think that’s meant for Nicki…

Update: Since this story went live, a rep for Sonye reached out to BOSSIP with the following comments:

The image on Meek’s social media is not Sonye. Sonye is happily engaged. She wishes Nicki and Meek nothing but the best.

Well that’s a plot twist for sure. If you’re still interested in reading the “subliminals,” hit the flip for more.

Relationships can not prosper without substance…

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Not into digging…

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Hard to let go of? #He? Hmmmm

What do you think? Is this woman really to blame or an innocent bystander in all this mess?

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