Erika D Tries To Expose Yandy Again–& Mendeecees Shuts Her Down With THIS

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Here we go again…

Erika D Blasts Yandy & Mendeecees Sends Her A Message

Remember when we told you that Mendeecees’ baby mamas are continuing to go in on his “wife” Yandy?


Well even after Mendeecees snapped at them from behind bars for their “disgusting behavior”, they’re STILL blasting the mother of two of his kids.

On Monday Erika D took to Instagram to expose Yandy’s super messy home and accused her of acting out for the cameras.

“This is what happens when a miserable, desperate, pathological liar who lives in a dirty Bronx apartment with a revolving door for every man in the tristate to c*m in and out of gets jealous because her “husband” moves his clothes & belongings out of her apartment and back into his because cameras are turning off. […] You do it for the cameras.”

Mind you this is after Yandy was seen on LHHNY changing the locks to Erika’s apartment that’s in Mendeecees’ name.

Erika D Yandy Smith Shade

Erika D Yandy Smith Shade


All the while Erika was blasting Yandy, Mendeecees was sullying her name from behind bars and denying ever dating her.erika-yandy-mandeecees

Hit the flip.


A recorded phone call from Mendeecees has surfaced where he denies ever dating Erika. Furthermore, he says in those pictures from Erika’s slideshow, he was actually with a pregnant Samantha—his other baby mama who’s now Erika’s petty bestie.

“She’s just going so hard to prove that we was in a relationship, that doesn’t prove it” said Mendeecees. “It proves that I know her and we went places and had fun.

“She pull out a passport, what she should’ve did is show Samantha the passport, so Samantha would look at the dates,” said Mendeecees. “I was with her, living with her and she was pregnant with little Mendeecees–I don’t understand her and Samantha’s relationship.”

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on Instagram & @tallyohhh on Twitter! This evening, Erika D from #LHHNY literally aired out some dirty laundry about why she wont allow her son to stay with Yandy and Mendeecees. Apparently, Erika believes Yandy to be a "miserable, desperate, pathological liar," however, according to Mendeecees, this couldn't possibly be any further from the truth! _________________________________ In new audio that we've received of Mendeecees behind bars, he is reading Erika for trying to get a come up off of his name this season. He vehemently denies ever being in a relationship with her and says that the pictures in her "slide" from the other day are super old and don't prove that they were in a relationship. Mendeecees is also confused by how Erika obtained his passport and spilled a little extra tea on that too! _________________________________ In the audio clip, Mendeecees says that while Erika is out here trying to prove that they were together at some point, she should look at the timestamps on the passport pictures, because she would see that Mendeecees was with a pregnant Samantha at the time. So, there's no logical reason why these two ladies should have any type of relationship with each other. _________________________________Over anything else, Mendeecees–Read More At

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This is a LOT. So Mendeecees is admitting to cheating on his pregnant girlfriend with Erika…

Samantha And Erika D Mendeecees' baby mamas

More from Mendeecees on the flip.


According to Mendeecees Erika must have stolen his passport and she’s NEVER EVER been his girlfriend.

“Where did she get my passport from? She stole that s***,” said Mendeeces. “She’s just looking for a come up, she just wants attention. She knows deep down inside she’s never been my girlfriend. Never ever, ever, ever been my girlfriend.”

#PressPlay #Part2 Looks like #Mendeecees has had enough of #ErikaD

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Meanwhile on Erika’s page she’s dissing “#TrashCanYan.”

Samantha Yandy Smith Shade

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