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Cindy Morales Said She Wants Dash To Step Up For Their Son

Damon Dash’s baby mama is accusing the ex-music mogul of screwing her out of $160,000 in back child support, and she has headed to court to intervene in a separate lawsuit involving her baby daddy in what she believes could be the last opportunity to see any money for their 14-year-old son.

Dash and the company, Kerison & Willougby Capital, have been involved in a nasty legal battle for years, where they have been trying to collect on $406,000 Dash owes them from a previous dispute. They filed suit in New York, in an attempt to have a judge order Dash’s 46.54% stake in a company he founded with his ex-wife Rachel Roy be sold off and the profits used to pay off the debt he owes them.

The legal battle has been going on for over a year and both sides have been battling it out in court.

Then on December 12th, Dash’s baby mama, Cindy Morales, filed docs in the lawsuit explaining she seeks to intervene.

Morales explained she shares a 14-year-old son with Dash and he only pays child support sporadically through the New York State Support Collection unit, which garnishes his wages.

Last year, a judge ordered Dash to pay $5,417.50 a month in child support for a 2016 total of $65,010. However, Morales said he only paid $11,000 and is delinquent to the tune of more than $53,000.

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She accused Dash of intentionally refusing to pay his support, pointing out to a payment of $0.32 she received earlier this year and another for $7.15 in July. Morales said in court papers she believed he has no intention of complying with the court order.

Their son, known as Lucky, is now fourteen years old and will be attending college in four years, something she knows she will likely be paying all by herself.

At the moment, Dash owes her a total of $159,125.52 in back child support with interest and $19,640 in court ordered legal fees.

The mom said the sale of Dash’s membership in Royale Etenia LLC is most likely the best chance she will have to collect child support from her baby daddy. Morales said it may be her last opportunity to be paid the back support he failed to pay. Morales wants the judge to allow her into the legal battle to get a stake of the sale of Dash’s stake in the company.



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