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Everyone’s favorite actor aka Mr. McChocatey showed off his signature dorky steez at the Prada Presents Trembled Blossoms event in LA.

There’s just something about about this Taye Taye fellow, he just doesn’t do it for us.

More images from the event:

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    somebody need to kidnap nicole and force feed her

  • da darkness

    is anyone eating on that page?

  • bree

    WHOA THAT WALL IS FRIGHTENING!!..Nicole you’re thin already? oh come on!

  • Scooby Dubious

    Funniest bit is Isaiah Washington in homophobe’s purgatory: a fashion event. If he can get a gig playing a dancer, he’s fully rehabilitated and can go back to playing hoodlums. The strain of acting a bourgeois part shorted out his wiring.

  • shine

    i heard he is dating a young girl. i saw some pics about them on intimatemin g l which is a datin site for interracial singles.

  • liquidackee

    damn….Taye look like he bout to perform for massa…

  • JRiddles

    Taye Diggs knows Rosario is waaay too dark for him. Nicole is might thin, but it was just her belly (which we can’t see in the pic) that got big. Also, Taye Diggs looks ridiculous and Tracee looks great as usual!

  • Southern Belle 225

    I’ve been over Taye and his weird nerdy ass!

    I love Traci Ellis. She is so pretty to me and has gorgeous hair. I don’t like her outfit though.

  • yanib

    Traci, just no. That outfit is just…NO!

  • JRiddles

    @Southern Belle, she’s worn better get-ups, but it’s not that bad to me. I bet she has a hard time taming it (her hair) though.

  • let em know!

    Dr Burke!! I miss you!

  • I'm Just Me

    Nicole Ritchie needs to eat a sammich! For real. Now, Taye Taye looks like a doofus as usual. Are we surprised?

    I am not feelin Tracy at all…she is not pretty to me and that outfit is not doing it at all.

  • liquidackee

    bwaahahhahahaha@ Rosario being too dark…

  • Ms. Fab

    Taye could not be cornier.

    Nicole looks better here than I’ve ever seen her. She seems happy.

  • Teezy

    Everything that God gave Taye is perfect, but he continues to mess it up with these extra shmedium hats and weird outfits. He needs a stylist, and if he has one they need to be fired!

  • Up2NoGood

    Some things should just be left on the clothing racks. Just keep it movin.

  • JaliliMaster


    Taye Diggs with all that chocolate is not a brother. He is really and white boy dressed in chocolate. Look at his wife. I went to school with him at syracuse and he doesn’t date or even look at black women. He had Dredlocks back then. The nerve..


    U r insulting white guys with that statement. This dudes lameness even surpasses ur average dork. He is on his own planet.

    It seems that he has been coming to this site, and has finally realised that the peace sign is out. Frankly, I feel sorry for him. His career is….well……….I’m sure u get my drift.

  • Grace


  • yes i said it

    rosario can look hot when she wants to and right here she ain’t cutting it

  • WakTakTen

    People are saying Taye is not a brother.But,,, how much damage have Black people done to him??? With Taye’s complexion i’m sure he was called black this black that by black floks.I’m sure that left a scar deep inside.People are saying how beautiful Halle Berry’s baby will be because the father is white.What type of messiage is that sending??? Are we teaching our children to have a well rounded view of beauty? From light to dark, And different type of hair textuers???

  • Trey

    dang people leave a brutha alone. whats wrong with taye. whats wrong with him having a non-black wife. whats wrong with him having his own since of style. do we dog prince and his choices in clothes and wives? i know this is a site where its all about opinions [im expressing mine now], but can we have some upliftment to our successful bruthas and sistas on here.

  • queenie

    Ummm somebody needs to get lil Nicky b4 she’s back to a bag of bones.

  • forcasualfun

    can you see me?

  • Black to tha Bone AKA The Swirl King

    Taye is a classy brother, he surrounds himself with European style and elegance. I just feel he could of done better than a slightly dusky jewess. A blonde beauty would suit his ambition moreso.

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