Must Be Nice: The Most White Privilege-y White People Of 2016. Ranked.

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Lena Dunham

Most Privileged White People Of 2016

White privilege. It’s a real thing. And it is reflected in the way that white people continue to receive advantages the rest of us don’t get. Denying white privilege is a sign of white privilege. So, ha, got you there. 2016 was all about white privilege and it’s time to call it out.

Amy Schumer

So without further ado, let’s look at some white people who enjoyed their privileges and ran with them all 2016. May they forever get put in their places with epic clap backs and shame.

Stacey Dash defends white Michael Jackson

16. Joseph Fiennes – He was cast to play Michael Freaking Jackson and tried to justify it. Screw this guy.


15. Tilda Swinton – She let her white privilege show by trying to whites plain why it’s okay for her to play an Asian character.


14. The Electoral College – The system was built to protect people during slavery. And it’s still around. Wow.

President Obama Bill O'Reilly Black Lives Matter

13. Bill O’Reilly – He’s a lock for this list every year.

Ex-Stanford Swimmer Rape

12. Brock Turner – He raped a woman yet the media never showed his mugshot and he was let off because jail would ruin his life.

Jennifer Lawrence Glamour 3

11. Jennifer Lawrence – She gets to be mediocre in every single way and on top of that, make jokes about rubbing her a$$ on sacred rocks.

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Lena Dunham bikini paddleboard Lena Dunham bikini paddleboard

10. Lena Dunham – Trash. She accused Odell Beckham of not speaking to her because he didn’t want to have sex with her then she said she wished she’d had an abortion. Because trash.

Amy Schumer

9. Amy Schumer – She was Lena’s right-hand anti-black woman who delighted in racial stereotypes and that stupid Formation video.

oscars-2015-logo 1

8. Everyone Who Won Oscars – Must be nice to not feel like any single black person deserved consideration for an Oscar. Must be reaaaaaal nice.


7. Milo – He got to harass Leslie Jones to the point of abuse and is now getting a $250,000 book deal.


6. Ryan Lochte – He lied about getting robbed in Rio. He got called a “kid” and was even allowed to dance with the stars with no problem. He’s 33.


5. Pamela Taylor – She called Michelle Obama an ape. Then she got her job back. She eventually lost it back but damn, what does it take.


4. Nazis – “Hey, we’re not Nazis anymore. We’re alt-right.”
America: “…cool.”


3. The KKK – How do you get a reality show for hating black people? How does that even work?

tomi lahren

2. Tomi Lahren – She gets to spout racism and because people think she’s cute she gets a free pass.


1. Donald Trump – You knew he’d be #1. No qualifications to run a Wal-Mart and he’s the President of the United States.



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