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Let It Gooo! Let It Gooo! 25 Things We Should Leave In 2016


With New Years nearly here, we should all be plotting out our resolutions moving into 2017.

In this list we’ve compiled some things you should probably add to your list. Flip the script to see what made the cut.

1. Internet Thugging

Keep the the social media beef to a minimum moving into the new year. If things do get heated, don’t get caught up waving around your weapons online.


2. Proud Pettiness

Blac Chyna takes the Petty Princess of The Year Award but let’s try to practice maturity and unity in the new year people!

Joseline Hernandez

3. Bad Lacefronts

All the weave, lace front and closure technology out there… there are no more excuses for a jacked up head of hair.


4. Orlando Brown

Let’s leave the past in the past.

5. Colorism

There’s enough division within the African American community as it is, but come January 20th the Obama’s are out and Trump is in. We need all the unity we can get. Leave the dark skin vs. light skin in the past. 


6. Diaper Booties

No more botched booties in 2017!

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Kylie Jenner

7. Caked Up Makeup

We all love a good beat down, but let’s leave the caked up makeup for special occasions only. Let 2017 be the year we get back praise natural beauty again.


8. Meek Mill’s L’s

Meek Mill took more L’s than any other celebrity this year. It’s hard to let it go but everyone deserved second chances… right?

9. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines has had one too many racial-related incidents this year. Protect your dollar and spend it with an airline that respects your business.


10. The Mannequin Challenge

This viral challenge was fun while it lasted, but it’s played now. Let’s leave this in 2016 folks.


11. Candy Colored Hair & Lipstick

This goes out to all the ladies too. There’s nothing wrong with switching things up now and then but the pink, blue, purple, green hair trend must come to an end. Don’t bring your electric blue lipsticks into the new year either. Let’s get back to simple, timeless beauty!


12. Waist Trainers & Flat Tummy Teas

Can we finally end the fraudulent fitness trend?


13. The Nae Nae and Juju

Make. It. Stop.


14. New Balance 

After New Balances openly shared their support for Donald Trump… leave your sneakers in 2016 and spend your money elsewhere.


15. Gaudy Chokers

Every time you see this choker on New Years Eve, take a shot. You’ll definitely be lit before midnight.

joanne the scammer

16. Scammers

Drop the swiping in 2017. You can’t scam forever!


17. Man Weaves & Hairline Sorcery

Let it gooooo.


18. Trump Supporters

This speaks for itself.


19. Clear/ Plastic Shoes

Leave these cheap, sweaty shoes in 2016 please!


20. Divorce

With so many celebrity divorces taking place in 2016, we’re going to encourage everyone to fight for your union and try to hold onto your families in the new year.


21. Instagram Photographers 

You fraudulent photographers are the real scammers.

22. Praising Women As Objects

Let’s push ourselves to do better supporting good women in 2017. Let’s focus our admiration more on regular women working hard and less on Instagram models.


23. The Kardashians’ Knifed Up Bodies

The Kardashian crew will never own up to their filler filled faces or knifed up body parts. Instead of bashing them for it, let’s stop giving them all of the attention they don’t deserve.


24. Drake’s Hoeness

Drake dated Serena, Rihanna, India Love, Bernice Burgos and now JLo all in one year. Despite his player ways, he looks happy with JLo. Let’s delete his hoeness and hope him and Jenn can make it work in the new year!

25. Supporting The Wrong Celebs

Kanye, Young Thug and Lil Wayne all made some controversial comments about the social injustice, black women, police brutality and racism this year. We’re not saying don’t be fans… we’re just saying choose wisely when deciding who to support.


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