Are You Feelin This Get Up???

- By Bossip Staff

Claudia Jordan was getting gawked at out in LA last night in a bare midriff, jeans, and some white shoes. She looks great from the breasts up, and her body is definitely on point, but we’re not sure if we’re feelin her fit…looks like she hopped straight out of the 90’s…SMH.

Check under the hood to see Claudia, Jamie Foxx on the set of his new film, and Rick Fox swirling it up…

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  • PO10TiAL

    Is that Linsey Lohan in Ricky whip??

  • PO10TiAL

    That Claudia is a Baaaaddddddd woman.

    …And I got the Gold!!!!

  • JUDY

    Claudia is so pretty.


    Duschus (sp?) and Fox, I love it, I am in lust with an older man too so I am not mad at her. They take charge and I love it. They are settled and adore you. Young bucks are overrated.

  • cruzan trini


  • lady luck

    Harpo… who dis woman??????

  • EloB

    omg…I think I had that sweater top when I was in jr high…she looks like the long lost member of Jade…

  • Symone

    Who is Claudia Jordan?

  • disgusting

    those look like wack jeans from the early 90s the only thing she needs is a flannel.

  • cruzan trini


  • D.wood

    Who is She … She a cutie…

  • onLooker

    She’s a beauty that doesn’t age and I like the shoes. Looks like she is just carefree and doesn’t take life too seriously. Refreshing. Her cheek says NO HATE so why not oblige?

  • Richelle

    She is pretty. The outfit is just extremely dated. It is hard to wear white shoes. Just throw away the jeans and you will be o.k. Do your thang ma!!!

  • noelle

    I saw her on an episode of Smart Guy this moring looking like a young Vashtie Kola

  • Moreaces

    I dont see one thing wrong with what she is wearing, its cute and light.. not to mention, she is fine as wine

  • Arasiam

    I see nothing wrong here. She looks very cute!

  • This some shhh..

    Shoot, ol girl tight. Give me 2 more collard greens of booty and she is supa straight.

  • Just Some Cat

    A 100% hetro man wouldn’t have no issues with this woman. Cute, nice body, style what’s not to like?

    As the white boy in the background can attest to. It’s the same thing with the swirl issue. Kim K (white) looks good, Megan Good (black) looks good.
    Rosie O’Donnell (white) is fugly, Whoopi Goldberg (black) is fugly. It ain’t that hard to understand or figure out.

    Fellas never take any womans advice on anything regarding who you f**k, or date, unless its a woman who loves you unconditionally (Mom, sister, etc.)

  • http://Bossip Camry02

    White shoes are just hard to pull off….they just always look so cheap. If you are going to wear white shoes make sure the top is multi color.

  • John Ronan

    Claudia is a real cool chick.Why are black women so jealous of her.She does not hate on anyone, makes Halle Berry look like ugly Betty.Cladia is just rough around the edges and needs a white man to polish her up.

  • Winona Johnson

    Claudia! A half shirt? Really.

  • http://bossip John Ronan

    Claudia is a real cool chick.Why are black women so jealous of this girl.She is such a positive person who never hates on anyone.She makes Halle Berry look like Ugly Betty,but is rough around the edges.

  • just saying

    shes a cute girl but those clothes are so ugly, that looks like something they would have worn on 90210

  • Tacky Monster

    First of all, Claudia…your outfit is tragic. I address you directly coz I kno you are obsessed with yourself and like to read what people think of you. Girlfriend, you are a mess from head to toe. Not sure why none of your super queenie stylist friends tell you…they laugh behind your back and call you so tacky. They are not your friends coz if they were, they would not let you out of the house looking so busted. Your clip on hair looks cheap, that makeup is TERRIBLY unflattering, your belly looks soft and pudgy and your oufit needs to be donated to goodwill. Go get yoself some new threads and try dressing like you in 2009. Please.

  • Alrighty Then...

    She looks totally cas’ what’s the problem?

    besides those white shoes, I see no problem. She’s chillin’.

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