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Samantha And Erika Respond To KoKo’s Allegations On LHHNY

Mendeecees’ so-called “bitter baby mamas” are clapping back at allegations that they plotted against Yandy.

As previously reported Samantha and Erika were “exposed” for plotting to start a fake affair rumor against Mendeecees’ wife:

According to a source who contacted TheShadeRoom, Erika and Samantha were working together to start a rumor that Yandy’s been cheating on her incarcerated “hubby.”

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TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet _____________________________________ Roommates, we have some piping hot tea for y'all this morning! So, as you know #LHHNY's Sam, Erika and Yandy have been in a bit of a cat fight on the show and on Instagram lately. Yesterday, Erika posted a dramatic slideshow on her Instagram in order to prove that she was more than just Mendeecees' side chick. Sam, on the other hand, has been going back and forth with Yandy regarding her son, little Mendeecees. Word is Sam doesn't take care of her son and that she's passing him off to her mother Kim. Whew! Y'all following this? It's super messy! _____________________________________ Fast forward to this morning, a Roommate left us an audio clip showing just how messy these two ladies are. Apparently, their hate for Yandy runs so deep that they were willing to set her up by making it seem like she was having an affair with her former business partner, Sug. _____________________________________ According to Erika and Sam, Sug wanted his girlfriend Vanessa, who is also besties with Erika, to appear on Love and Hip Hop with him, however she kept refusing him, because she didn't want her past to be revealed! Vanessa had allegedly been around the block a few times with celebrities like Trey Songz, Juelz Santana, Fabolous, the list goes on. Since Vanessa never appeared on the show, this is all why Erika and Sam's plan against Yandy ultimately — read more at (link in bio)

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and on Sunday’s episode of LHHNY, viewers saw the woman who seemingly exposed the two.

Mendeecees' baby mama

According to a woman named KoKo, who called herself Samantha’s best friend, Sam and Erika were indeed plotting to start a cheating rumor.

“I have recorded conversations,” said KoKo. “This girl Erika would literally sit on the phone and try to come up with ways to sabotage you. Like ‘Operation Yandy.'”

“She’s on the phone plotting and planning to do what?” asked Yandy.

“To come up with stories to say you’re cheating on your husband or he was cheating on you. […] Apparently, they wanted to keep the children away from you till this information hits the blogs.

But according to Samantha, KoKo is NOT her best friend.

“To say that b*** is my best friend is slander.”

Erika also jumped in to add that KoKo and Yandy need dental work, and Sam’s actual bestie is someone named Mecca.

“Operation Yandy should start with both of y’all getting your teeth fixed.”  […] If you really knew Samantha you’d know that KoKo is nowhere near her best friend. Her best friend’s name is Mecca.”

What do YOU think about KoKo “exposing” Samantha and Erika???

Mendeecees' baby mama

See Erika and Samantha trash KoKo and “Trash Can Yan” on the flip.

Erika recently responded to a fan who asked if KoKo was her best friend.

Mendeecees' baby mama

Mendeecees' baby mama

She also posted about people throwing salt on her name.
Mendeecees' baby mama

Mendeecees' baby mama

Meanwhile Samantha’s posting about “fake love.”
Mendeecees' baby mama

Mendeecees' baby mama

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