#LittleWomenATL Minnie Admits Her Pastor Troy Pregnancy Lie–But What About THIS Secret?

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Minnie Ross Comes Clean On “Little Women ATL”

Minnie Ross of “Little Women: ATL” is finally coming clean about ANOTHER lie she told.

The reality star who admitted she lied about dating Pastor Troy, finally admitted that she also lied about miscarrying his baby.

Following that, she was blasted by her Lifetime co-star Samantha…

Sam Little Women ATL
not only for lying about her pregnancy, but also for hiding a shocking mugshot.

“I was in my early 20s hanging out with the wrong people at the wrong time,” said Minnie about her past arrest.

Minnie’s since posted THIS on Instagram about her confession. “Don’t be so quick to judge people,” said Minnie.


Oh really???

What do YOU think about Minnie lying about being pregnant???

Minnie Little Women ATL

More on the flip.


Minnie’s ex-bestie Monie is NOT here for her lies.


Minnie’s clapping back.


Sam Little Women ATL

Samantha’s responded to Minnie calling her a “whale.”


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