True Or False: Is Blac Chyna Really Broke As A Joke?

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Blac Chyna Reportedly Struggling To Pay Her Bills

She might look like money, but word on the curb is Blac Chyna is broke AF. According to the January 16th print edition of Star Magazine, Chyna is running so low on funds she can’t even afford to gas up her pricy vehicles.

Via RWS:

“[Blac Chyna’s] credit cards are maxed out”, reveals a source close to the ex stripper.

She also treated herself to a $400,000 Rolls-Royce Wraith, but good luck keeping up the car payments.

“She doesn’t have $10 to put in the tank, let alone pay the monthly note,” says the insider adding that matriarch Kris Jenner is sick of her kids bringing home deadbeats.

“She’s afraid Chyna will be even more costly than Kanye or Tyga,” the spy reveals.

“Chyna doesn’t realize how close this family is to cutting her off for good.”

Zamnnnnn that’s super crazy if it’s true. But is it really? Seems like Chyna should have plenty of revenue coming in — between Fashion Nova and Skinny Tea checks.

Just this week Chyna posted…

Ads for Shopbogaboga


And Lyft!

But is it enough to cover her extravagant lifestyle? Do you think this rumor is true or complete bs?

Funny enough Star posted another Blac Chyna story this week as well, claiming she and Rob are “desperately trying for baby number two!” Hmmmmmm. Is she just getting her insurance the checks will keep coming in?

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If she’s really broke how did she afford hair and makeup for this photoshoot? Or did she barter the services in exchange for an Instaplug?

🎀 Hair @kendrasboutique Hair Styled by @kellonderyck Makeup @jolisarena

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