Remember the Mr. Boombastic The Romantic Fanstastic Lover???

- By Bossip Staff

Shaggy crawled from under a rock and appeared at Germany’s RTL2’s Music Show along with Kelly Rowland. Shaggy has been stacking his international bread and it seems that Kelly is following suit because she was at the same event. Kelly Rowland is looking like the newest recruit to Gold Member.

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  • Jason Marcus


  • Jason Marcus


  • olsweetdickwillie (WHO GONNA CHECK ME BOO?)

    shades are hott..

  • toby

    Represent Shaggy, Jamaica to the flipping World….

  • Hannibals Dad


  • frank

    “…USA is not the only market.”

    Yup. Folks here often don’t realize how good life can be when you live internationally…

  • christylove

    why did I think this was Jim Jones

  • africanqweeennn

    mr lova laverrr

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    i-got-my-vans-on.blogspot . com

  • olsweetdickwillie (WHO GONNA CHECK ME BOO?)

    @ sissy fights… your so stalkerish….leave me alone…I’m starting to get really afraid now..

  • BeanTown

    What? I thought that was Jim Jones.

  • Wanjiru®

    Shaggyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! where u been boo? holla at yo girl sumtime 🙂

  • Wanjiru®


    That DOES look like Jim Jones tho.



  • koonoomoonooo

    why shaggy have the flag backward?


    ‘Big Up’ and ‘Mampie’ were the shit! I couldn’t have blasted those jams loud enough. Nuh linga, Shaggy!

  • Mz Blaze

    He looks like Jim Jones

  • Michelle


    I agree. America is not the only market in the world. Contrary to what many Americans in the R&B and hip-hop community may think, both Kelly Roland and Shaggy have enjoyed tremendous success throughout Europe and Asia. I know we tend to think if we(Americans) are done with an artist then their careers are finished. Problem is, we don’t factor in the 5.5billion other people on earth that still may enjoy their music. If more of us would just get on a plane and travel across the ocean, we would realize this.

  • samk

    Sean Paul was out YEARS before America even knew who he was!!!!

  • Coco

    I know I was feeling Shaggy’s song Bad Man Don’t Cry when I was in Jamaica earlier this year. It’s not all about the States.

  • freak

    i feel sorry for americans you place urselves so higly and mighty and want to analyze everything from how ppl look and all sooooo pathetic

  • no bueno

    at first glance, i thought it was mike epps.

  • LaLa

    Kelly looks pretty!!

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