Keri Hilson is Video Swirlin’ with Asher Roth

- By Bossip Staff

Keri Hilson is making sure that she covers every single corner in the industry. From sex positions on stage to major collabs with the Pied Piper and swirlin’ for the crossover fans. She hooked up with new artist Asher Roth.

Pop it to See All the Swirlness that’s Poppin…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  • Smitty


  • akin

    ok the best thing about this vid was the guy dressed as a woman…and miss kerri baby of course!

  • jakeylakey


  • drenk

    gettin her Kosher swirl on…shalom!!

  • Juancito

    People sleeping on Asher Roth.

  • HarlemWorld

    Anything for the paper nowadays. House negro-ism.

  • jakeylakey

    HarlemWorld tellem… she was selling vagina from the gate

  • Back On My Swag

    she was selling vagina from the gate


  • WiseWoman

    Thats how become bigger. She jumping on everything like Weezy. And i ain’t mad at her. Jump while the irons hot. Some crossover fans never hurt. She still staying loyal to her urban audience. So i see no harm at all.
    Keeping making money Miss Keri.

  • GTFOH With the DUMB

    all u get is 15…use it!!!

  • HarlemWorld

    Her “singing” career is just an attempt to capitalize off of her lightskinnedness… LOL. The little diddies she writes are ok though. Her voice sux.

  • josh

    lol a white person rapping isnt a wigger. its a wigger if he spoke about drug dealing and guns. but he dosent, no wiggerness here.

  • JK

    @Ronald- Everyone might listen to hip-hop, everyone might try to ba rapper, or be in the hip-hop industry. But, hip-hop was created by blacks for blacks to tell a story about the struggles at the time that were going on in the black community and also to have fun.

  • JK

    @HarlemWorld- I agree her voice sounds terrible especially when she tries to sing live. She was awful on BET’s icon.

  • told you so

    Asher Roth’s joint is kinda hot. dont sleep.

  • http://Bossip Lou

    Keri go and hide please

  • JK

    @ Ronald- Name calling begans when someone can not come up with better terminology to use in an arguement. It is not my opinion that I am stating, but a fact of who started hip-hop and why it was created. Although, whites like yourself maybe able to identify with it and try to take it over, it was not orginally created for your race. I know whites want to claim a piece of everything blacks do, so sad but true, but no it was not created for whites in the hood. So you sound like an idiot and a crazy one at that.

  • jakeylakey

    @Ronald – well… Grandmaster Flash was for us, as was jazz & a few other things. But Sugar Hill Gang & Mike jackson was for all.

  • http://bossip marshall

    keri’s part is ok but overall this is not a nice song ,it just doesn’t do anything for me even on the bubblegum level.

  • no bueno

    @ drenk

    gettin her Kosher swirl on…shalom!!


    LMAO. DEAD. and mazel tov.

  • Baby Girl

    She’s good, he’s whack!!!

  • whitneynstevie

    Asher Roth is dope some of yall dont know any real rappers all yall know is Soulja Boy and Keri is the future! I feel like the days of everyone being a powerhouse singer are over so we have to recognize talent when people can write and have a style of their on. Its funny how people hate and their excuse is someone cant sing or whatever when back in the day there were alot of different artist out and not all of them could sing like Whitney or dance like Janet. They just have their on style and their music is cosmopolitan, fresh, and individual.

  • bman

    he’s just supa talentless man!

    ppl be real!

  • txgals

    Keri is a pretty girl. Asher Roth looks ridiculous.

  • bman


    White people kill me calling blacks racist when they speak the truth..

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