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“Soon as me and Cease broke up, it’s like b*** after b***, after b****, after b****. It’s cool but that just shows me that that was the type of man you wanted to be anyway.”—Dutchess

Dutchess On Bossip’s “Don’t Be Scared” Podcast

Dutchess of “Black Ink” recently stopped by Bossip’s “Don’t Be Scared” podcast.

While there the Pretty N Ink owner dished on season 5 of the VH1 show, told David, Dani and Jah about her business, and detailed what really went wrong between her and her Ceaser.

black ink ceaser and dutchess

As previously reported rumors are swirling that Ceaser had a baby outside their relationship.

On her gripes with reality TV:

“This is what my number one problem with reality TV is,” said Dutchess. “You either gotta fight or f***. That’s corny as f*** to me, I don’t wanna fight, I’m grown as hell. I ain’t trying to f*** everybody because what the hell that look like? Let’s be aware of what we’re watching. […]

“They don’t want us to be empowering. Seeing all the community service I do at my shop, they don’t give a damn cause that’s not worthy of a storyline. When you understand that the recipe for this s*** is foolishness and f***ery then, there are people that just wanna play [up] the foolishness and the f***ery.”


On her public relationship being the biggest mistake of her life:

“That was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life,” said Dutchess. “When me and Cease first got together we was like ‘let’s just keep this to ourselves, we not gonna let them know’ but because of our chemistry and our energy–you think how long they not gonna notice, like something is going on between them. So it came to the surface.

“When it came to the surface I was like, ‘We made a mistake.’ We could’ve kept this to ourselves. Making something public makes it hell, there’s no more peace. It’s so damaging and detrimental. That’s the worst thing I ever did for reality TV. If I knew that I was gonna fall in love with Cease I wouldn’t have done the show.”

Ceasar Dutchess


On her breakup with Ceaser:

“I really loved that n***,” said Dutchess. “All jokes aside, this TV s** has really f**d up my relationship. That n*** on Instagram talking bout she ain’t never loved me, she used me. I was ready to walk away with YOU. You chose to have this s*** in our life.

So now I’m choosing to be happy and I’m wrong? I was f**** miserable. I’m being dragged in the mud by a man that I was f*** in love with. You know how hard that is?

I sacrificed my own dreams to be with you. That’s love. I lost myself in the s***, instead of you being the man that was supposed to bring me up to the level that I was supposed to be at, you let me sink deeper and deeper.”


On whether or not she still loves Ceaser:

“I still love him. Even though he bashing me, even though he talking s***, even though he got Skyy disrespecting my mama on Instagram. […] I really love the n***, things happen. I don’t have to choose to be miserable. Any anybody who thinks that s***, kiss my a**.”



On how meeting the alleged side chick was the last straw with Ceaser:

“The last straw in the relationship was about the [baby] rumor,” said Dutchess. “For a while, VH1 was telling me and him they got some girl who been saying some s***. When we first heard about the s***, me and Cease we laughed about it. If y’all see how many DMs and emails I get from b*** swearing that they was pregnant by him, this is talking about season 1. Since then I’ve been getting s*** like that. […]

So when they brought her on set, first off it was a very bad day for them to bring her around. People that didn’t have nothing to do with the situation was present that day, that’s not real life. Off of how he reacted to it, is what pushed me away.”


On Pretty N Ink:

“Pretty N Ink is 2030 S. Tryon Suite 3H, we’re basically one step away from the heartbeat of downtown. I actually have Fantasia coming through to get tatted.


Listen to Dutchess on Don’t Be Scared below.


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Dutchess previously fueled the outside baby rumor on Instagram when she posted this:

“That n***s got my homegirls in Phill pregnant,” wrote a tipster to “Everytime he rolls through Philly to see that b*** in North Carolina he stops through to f*** her.”


She’s now in a much more positive place since freeing herself of her “unhealthy” relationship.

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