But Yo Sista Tho: NBA Baller Aaron Gordon’s Smart And Sultry Sibling Elise Has Got Social Media Sweating

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Orlando Magic Baller Aaron Gordon’s Sister Is Fine As Hell

All-in-all, people didn’t seem to be too enthused about NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans this year. It’s hard to say why exactly, but the energy just wasn’t really there.

That said, the 3-day extravaganza of sports entertainment did give us a lil’ something that has lead us to this post.

An innocuous camera shot of Devin Booker sitting on the bench led a great many on Twitter to calmly and politely ask: “WHO THE F**K IS THAT SITTING BEHIND HIM?!? WHAT’S HER @????”

Don’t say we never did anything for you.

Sharp shooter 🎱 | 📸 @_jwhite24

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The fine young lady sitting behind Booker is none other Elise Gordon, sister of should-be Slam Dunk Contest champion Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic.

Elise is currently working as her Aaron’s manager. She is a graduate of Harvard University with a Bachelor’s degree in Government. Elise also played center for the Harvard women’s basketball team as she stands 6’1″. Tall glass of water.

Flip the page to drink of all Elise’s glory.

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