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“How To Get Away With Murder” Season 3 Finale Reactions

During last night’s season finale of “How To Get Away With Murder”, viewers saw the twisty-turny goodness they’ve come to expect from Pete Nowalk’s Shondaland production.
In particular, they FINALLY found out who killed Wes in a shocking twist no one saw coming.


As it turns out D.A. Denver was involved with Wes’ murder,


which was shown in a BRUTAL scene that included Wes crawling away from a mystery man after being drugged before being suffocated.

Annalise figures out that Denver’s involved and offers him an out, blame everything on Wes who was a “monster” that murdered her husband Sam AND Rebecca before committing suicide in her home.

She even has the voicemail to “prove it.”

It’s later revealed that the mystery man is named Dominic, and just as Laurel is about to shoot Charles Mahoney, she runs into him. As it turns out, Dominic is a family friend who murdered Wes for Laurel’s diabolical dad Esai Morales.


All the while the show was airing, HTGAWM fans were struggling to find air up until the final moment when Annalise uttered those words, “He was my son,” while grieving Wes once again leaving fans wondering if there’s ANY WAY Christoph “Wes” Gibbons could somehow be related to Annalise Keating.

Were YOU watching HTGAWM???

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